Sharon, You Bet
By Fr. Labib Kobti
June 20, 2002

Sharon, you asked for a hundred days.
The US has now given you over 400 days.
And they may give you a lot more!

You said you will finish the job.
The Palestinian cause will be in the past,
All questions will be resolved.
You said, Israelis would have peace and security,
That Palestinians would accept your solutions.

The enemies of Samson used all means to destroy him.
They wanted to eliminate the history of his people.
They wanted to kill their future.
They took samson eyes, his tongue and ears.
They turned him into a slave, a joke for the people.

Samson, the biblical hero of the children of Abraham.
Hero to Jews, Christians and Muslims.
Samson, a model of love for all people.
Samson, the ideal for freedom and independence.
Samson, the patron: dying is better than living as a slave.
Samson, the mirror of justice and peace.
Samson the mantor for better life!
Samson the giver of his life for his beloved people.

Samson came back as God's judge.
He returned as a redeemer and savior of his people.
He came, as a resistance fighter.
Samson killed himself, and he killed many innocent people.
Samson killed himself, and he killed women and children.
He destroyed the temple of his enemies, their city and future.

I will never condone terrorism or suicide bombers.
I've never accepted Samson as a hero or prophet.
In todays words, he is the first suicide bomber ever.
I've never thought killing innocent people was heroic.

Murder is wrong.
Neither Israel nor the Palestinians have the right to dictate who lives and dies.
Only God can decide our destiny.

Sharon, you gambled with Palestinian lives,
It cost you Jewish lives.
Is violence the only solution you know?

Sharon, embrace the humanity of Judaism,
Sharon, stop the suffering of the Jewish people.
Sharon, stop the suffering of the Palestinians People.
You can't win against those who have lost hope.
The ennemis of Samson couldn't stop him to return back.
Samson was full of hope for his people.
Nobody can stop people to hope for the best.

Sharon, you gambled on the US.
They would accept your prophetic vision!
In fact, the USA have supported you all along.

Few words were said about the illegal use of American weapons,
F-16s. Apache helicopters, the tanks and the satellites,
All used in violation of treaties you signed with the US.

Few words were said about the expansion of settlements.
Few words about the massacres and killings.
Few words about the besieged Palestinian villages and cities.
Few words about the extra-judicial assassinations.
Few words about the illegal arrests.
Few words about the torture omnipresent in the territories.
Few words about the humiliation of a leader,
A leader whom you expect to be your partner in peace.
Few words about what you did in Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah.
Few words about constant arrogance of international law.
Few words about Israeli desecration of Christian churches and Muslim mosques.

But for how long?
Few words will be said.
Sooner or later the truth will be said.
Your people will listen to it.
The USA will listen to it.
Many will feel ashamed of being human beings.

Sharon, you have not learned.
Sharon, you continue to kill Jews, by killing Palestinians.
Sharon, have you another solution?
Sharon, you only succeeded in bringing death to your people.
Sharon, you thrive to gamble with the lives of people.
Sharon your violence is only breeding more violence.
Sharon are you listening?

Sharon, you bet that suicide bombers would boost your popularity.
Sharon, you gave the suicide bombers the vocation of Samson.

Sharon, take a gamble on hope and peace:
Announce a secular Israeli-Palestinian country,
Where Jews, Christians and Muslims and seculars will feel home.
A Secular country like the United States,
Where everyone is equal under the same law,
A democratic country for all.

Under a true democracy, settlements, they can stay.
Palestinians refugees should return.
One person, one vote.
One State, one future, one law for all.

Abandon your idea of a Jewish State.
Would anyone accept the notion of a Christian democracy?
Or a Muslim or Buddhist democracy?

A Jewish State will not bring peace,
It will always fight for its existence,
Jews and Palestinians will continue to die.

Israelis deserve better than killings.
Never again,never again!
Shall humanity commit these dastardly deeds against others.

Don't be afraid of numbers.
Jews are less than 3% in the USA.
Jews are less than 01% in all Europe.
But they have great influence.
Number do not count in the modern world.

When peace and justice prevail,
Arabs and Jews will work hand in hand,
As they have done in the past.
They will build better futures for their generations.
When love, justice and peace come,
Prosperity, security and good will be the LAW.

Sharon, if you take a gamble on peace, you will make history.
You will stop violence.
You will build a better future for the Israelis.
You will be a true "man of peace."
Your old age should end with a great victory.

Dare betting on what can last for ever.
A secular, democratic State for all.