What will stir the heart of the government?
Fr. Labib Kobti
6, 17, 2002

For over two and a half years during the Second Intifada, I have been posting on my website  Al-Bushra (www.Al-Bushra.org) under a special page titled: UPDATES, Updates2002 this section contains many official statements from leading human rights organizations, NGOs, the United Nations as well as religious leaders from around the world.

A rudimentary study of these document tells us all that the situation in the Holy Land is horrible beyond belief.

We want peace?  We should all then do something to ensure that there is a just peace between Israelis and the Palestinians--Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.  The time has come to say, "enough is enough" we must act now to stop all the tragic injustice.

A simple-minded person cannot understand why more people are not attempting to do more to better the reality of Palestinian and Israeli children today and to ensure that the future generations of Palestinian and Israeli children are void of the hatred and violence that has riddled the two people to date.  I will never understand why the leaders of the world have not imposed an end to this cessation of violence.

Does this move any of the leaders of the world?

- The despair of many Palestinian and Jewish mothers has crippled both people.
- The many mothers who fear for the present and future of their children.
- The majority of Israeli and Palestinian casualties were innocent victims.
- The destruction of psychological, familial, social life structures.
- The lost hope and future of millions of children.
- The confusion in the hearts and minds of the people of the Holy land.
- The destruction of psycholigical, social and familial life structures.
- The nowhere to go and how to deal with the situation.
- The money given by the powers of the world that buy to kill.
- The weapons of all kinds used by some minds that eager to destroy lives.

Are the collective governments of the world callous?  Do they have hearts of stone?  If this is the case, then these leaders do not deserve to be respected.

We Arabs and Israelis, Jews, Christians and Muslims,
We secular Israelis and secular Arabs, we feel used and abused.

As long as the killing continues, the weapon industry does well.
And the people continue to die.
The stocks will go up sooner than later.
A select few in this world will be very rich.
Our peoples will live in misery and dependent on theses strongest and richest.

We are not asking the powers of the world to stop producing new weapons.
We ask them to please stop giving experimenting them on us.

We are not asking the rich elite in the world to flood us with money.
We are asking them to stop buying and selling us daily.

We are not asking foreign intelligence to act recklessly.
We just want them not to use their intelligence to serve their own interests only.
We want them to use it for common good of the people.

We are not asking for the sun or the moon.
We are asking to live in peace altogther under the same sun and moon.

Stop giving us the means to kill each other.

Do not send Israel the money and means to wage war against the Palestinians.
Please build schools that bring Israelis and Palestinians together.
The money will be used to build life, love and cooperation.
Let them build hearts of flesh and not hearts of stones.
Less money is needed to love, than money to produce hatred

Israeli and Palestinian children want to live.
Give them chance to live and not to die.
Personal interests of governments should cease in the face of the cries of mothers.
Political parties should become committed to children.
Life and love are more important than power, greed and money.

Violence will stop when the Israel will discover that they are loved by the Arabs.
Violence will stop when the Arabs will find out that they are loved by Jews.
A real love, not an interested one, a love that can build life and a future.
When both stop listening to fantism and exclusivism, violnce will stop.
When both will say no to death and yes to life, violence will stop.
When they will not listen like the 'seruvniks' , violence will cease.

We are building this love in San Francisco between Jews, Christians and Muslims.
A lot of secular Jews, Arabs and Americans are joining in building a community.
If we can do it in the States, and others somewhere in the world.
Israel can do it.
Arabs can do it.

The USA should be a broker of love and not of money and weapons.
Not biased for one side or another, but impartial.
The USA should help to build bridges rather than destroying them.

Money and weapons will bring violence.
Discrimination and injustice will bring violence.
Occupation and oppression will bring violence.
Collective punishment, jailing or killing activists will bring violence.
Hunger or thirst a population, destroying crops will bring violence.
Suicide bombers and hatred will bring violence.
It have been proved for years they brought only destructions for both peoples.

Real "intelligences" full of love will bring justice then peace.
And the USA can do it with us, for us.
The USA should bring love.
Weapons and money did not bring peace to the Israelis and Palestinians.
Justice to the Palestinians is love.
Creating an atmosphere of friendship with the Arabs, is loving Israel.

The UN should work for it.
Europe should stand for it.
The US can do it, if the USA believes on her constitution.

I remember that I have read this somewhere:
"If we shrink the earth population to a village of precisely 100 people with all the existing human ratios, remaining the same, it would look something like this ... six out of the hundred would posses 89% of the entire world wealth and all six would be from the USA."

We need the American money to build love and not destruction.
Friendship and not wars.

Will this stir the hearts of the world governments?
Will it move the hearts of the US Administration and Congress?

Please pray with me.
Give the Israelis and the Palestinians a way to hope.