The Real Way to Love Israel
By Father Labib Kobti
June 3, 2002

Allow me to salute with much love and admiration all of the different Israeli/Jewish movements that work for peace in the region and outside, in the USA, Europe and everywhere. In particular I salute the "refusniks" who refuse to serve in the occupied territories, they along with moderate Palestinians and Arabs are the ones that love Israel the most.

Violence is immoral.

Israeli violence in the occupied territories, the setters violence against the Palestinians, the house demolitions, the collective punishements, the slaughter and jailing of innocent civilians. The Palestinian suicide bombings are also wrong and bad, no civilians should be targeted.

All violence against civilians is morally equivalent in its ugliness.
All the above violence are terrorism.

We are all created in the IMAGE OF GOD, Genesis 1: 26-31.
We are all under the same GOD, the God of JUSTICE, TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

We DON'T LOVE Israel if we agree with the Occupation of Palestine.
We don't love Israel if we accept Settlements on Palestinian Land.
We don't love Israel if we don't demand they abide by UN Resolutions.
We don't love Israel if we want her to destroy Palestinian resistance by any means.
We don't love Israel if we claim all Palestinians are terrorists.
We don't love Israel if we insist that the right of return only applies to Jews.

WE LOVE ISRAEL when we say No to the Occupation.
We love Israel when we ask her to abide to UN Resolution 242 and 338.
We love Israel when we say remove all settlements from the Occupied Territories.
We love Israel when we say that Israeli security starts with Palestinian Justice.
We love Israel when we recognize that the dignity of Israelis is equal to Palestinians.
We love Israel when we admit that Palestinian have rights to their land too.
We love Israel when we recognize the right of return of the Palestinian Refugees.

Israeli children should not be killed.
Palestinian children should not be killed either.

Stopping the slaughter of Israeli and Palestinian children is the best way to show our love.

Palestinians should have the same human rights as Israelis.
Israel cannot continue to punish a whole population.
Israel cannot continue to build settlements anywhere, every where.
Accepting this fact and not daring to condemn it: This is not loving Israel.

The Occupation cannot go on forever.
The Occupation is violent and it is creating more violence.
The Occupation should end.
Making Israel end the Occupation would show our love for Israel.

Palestinians and Israelis should live in peace,
They can live in peace.
Jews and Arabs are blood bothers and sisters, they can live in peace.
They are both Semites.
Anti-Semitism goes against both of them.
Semites should not be anti-Semites.
If you love Israel the right way then help her to make from Palestinians friends.
Help Israel to see on the Arab summit plan as the best for Israel's future.
Israel will live with the Arabs, her neighbors for centuries are Palestinians,
Help them reconcile and build friendships: this is loving Israel.

American must stop providing weapons and money to Israel.
Money and weapons have destroyed the future of Israelis.
Money and weapons have destroyed the hopes of the Palestinians.
America must stop providing the means for them to kill each other.
This is how you love Israel.

Palestinian and Israelis, Arab Jews, Christians and Muslims will live in Peace.
The overwhelming Ashkenazi Israeli government is delaying peace.
The US Government is also delaying the day of Peace and Justice.
If you love Israel, then work to bring this day sooner rather than later.

Help to stop the shedding blood.
Palestinian rights are recognized world wide.
They are become more and more urgent in the world.
Israel must recognize this and give the Palestinians the justice they deserve.
Loving Israel properly means helping them make real peace with the Palestinians.

Love Israel properly, and not selfishly.

Some people think they love Israel properly,
Christian-Zionists want to bring the Jews to Israel to slaughter them when their Messiah comes ... This not loving Israel.
Some of our US representative's selfish political agendas are killing Jews, Christians and Muslims.
This either is not loving Israel.

The Children of Israel should never see another holocaust, Never again.
The Children of Israel are waiting for love, justice and peace.
Give them this very waited peace by giving Justice to the Palestinians.

And let people live in peace.
Everlasting and just peace.
Enough lying to both of them.
Enough with your guilt of Jewish persecution and killings in your European Countries.
Enough with projecting the guilt on the Palestinians.
Money and weapons do not give peace.
They did not give peace for almost 55 years.
They will never give peace.

Do, please the real way to love Israel!
Love her the way a civilized people should.
The honest way of people who believe in God.
The way the seculars who believe in humanity do.