We do not call to destroy Israel
August 21, 2001

Dear Sir:

I talk to you as a person who worked hard in EDUCATING people. Your life, your work, your stand show how much you are important for us Americans.

I see that you love the WORD OF GOD THEN:

1) Nobody will ask you, Dear Sir, to fight against God's word. We believe that God is the God of justice and righteousness. God does not accept oppression, but calls on all of us as members of one human family, Arabs and Jews, to make justice and to love righteousness. As the prophet Isaiah has said "The effect of justice will be peace and the result of justice, quietness and security forever." (Isaiah 32:17).

2) Our faith on the ONE GOD (God is LOVE) teaches us that there is not difference between the life of one person and another. There is no difference in God's eyes between Jew and Palestinian, between Arab and foreigner. God is the creator of all. As believers in one God, we plainly state that all must live under the same law. We, therefore, call on the Israeli government to bring all its discriminatory policies to an end. Palestinians should have rights in their country, just as Jews have rights in their country. This is the only way that peace can prevail. Every time the Israeli government gives preferential treatment to Jew over Palestinians, it sows the seed of hatred and violence and thus is responsible for the growth of animosity towards its own people

3) Nobody will ask Israel or the Jews to leave. Some fanatics do. They are from both sides. Fanatic Jews they want the Palestinians out. Some Fanatic Palestinians say the same, they want Jews out. But the main people have accepted the State of Israel, Arab states made even peace with them. So we should not take what the fanatics say and pretend that this is the STAND of the Palestinians against Jews, nor the some Jewish Fanatics as what every Jew say. You are a great AUTHOR and you know the difference.
Besides there is no problem to be Zionist! But you should not stand for exclusivity. Zionism brought to the Jews a land, and a home, but the wrong is when they say, this is only the land of the Jews. I do not think that you agree with that. Jews coming in 20th Century from Russia, Ethiopia, Brooklyn, USA, Poland should not have more rights than the local people who have been there for ever. I think you agree with that. Then JUSTICE to those people should be your struggle for a better future for Israel. Israel is an OCCUPYING FORCES, UN Resolution 242 AND 338 AND Israel ACCEPTED THESE RESOLUTIONS. We need then to work to implement the UN resolutions and the International Law. Do you agree?

4)  I can understand the Word of God is important for you, but we need to read it for the best:
* *"Thus says the Lord God of Israel: You shed blood, yet you would keep possession on the land? You rely on your sword, you do abominable things...yet you would keep possession of the land?... Prophet EZEKIEL 33:25-28

5) You may like to read the stands of DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS LEADERS STATEMENTS on the issue of the Holy Land. I am sure that this will help you, again as an improtnat person to see things from the eyes of Religious lEaders whop do not want but obey to the WORD OF GOD.

Please visit: http://www.al-bushra.org/Religious/world.html

I wish you all the best. and I thin this last piece that I wrote can help all of us to see the TRUTH:

Dear Israelis, Jews and their friends:

As a friend, I am trying to write to you what I think. Please accept what I say here friendly and with a heart open to justice and peace.

Dear friends:

Do you remember the Story of Samson in the Bible? His enemies tried by all means to kill in him everything. But they could not kill his SOUL, his SPIRIT, his WILL to return back, TO WIN, he even killed himself, but it was disastrous for others.

Do you remember the history of the brave place called Masada in Israel? The Jews preferred the death to surrender to the Romans, and by their BRAVE death they inspired their people for the future. They WON the war, and by that brave death, they multiplied. You use this place, till now, as a symbol of your wonderful heroes. In what way Masada was a victory? How Masada won? Because the Roman Empire with all its big army could not kill the SOUL of the Jews, their SPIRIT and their WILL to stay and come back one day.

Do you remember the Camps of Concentration of the Nazis? By the UNJUST and unjustified suffering and death of innocent people, the Jews eventually became stronger and unified. No Nazi could kill the Spirit, the SOUL and the WILL of the Jews. The Jews WON the battle and history. Till now the history speaks about HOLOCAUST and will speak and sympathize with you. The world will say with you: NEVER AGAIN. Do you know in what way the People in Auschwitz and other camps WON in the end? Because the suffering and the death did not and cannot and will never be able to kill the SOUL, the SPIRIT of people who were determined to live and survive.

Do you understand the GREAT LESSON of all these things, your history, for the present -- for the determination of the Palestinian people under oppression? That people will multiply and come back one day.
Your history is an example for all nations WORLDWIDE.
Isn't it also the history of the wonderful American Black people in USA, with Martin Luther king? Isn't it the history of the Apartheid in South Africa with Mandella and many other people who fought for their rights, dignity and identity and build their national countries or entities.
This history will be repeated for the Arabs: Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians and especially for Palestinians, they shall overcome one day in spite of what those who do not read the history are doing to kill their soul, spirit and will.

What do you think, Dear friends, Israelis, Jews and their friends? What do you think that Israel will eventually accomplish by confiscating the Palestinian lands and Arab lands, in building Jewish Settlements in the Arab quarters of Jerusalem, in demolition Palestinian houses and killing their activits, by controlling the Media and in telling the whole world that you are right and the Arabs are bad people, that every Palestinian is a terrorist?

Since the beginning of the Jewish immigration, the Jewish authorities were saying that Palestinians do not exist, Palestine have never existed, there were no Palestinian identity. Then in Oslo, Madrid and Washington, after more than fifty years, Palestinians were recognized partners of PEACE, people with full rights, a proud nation. They do exist, they do have a SOUL, a SPIRIT and a WILL to exist, and you will be unable to kill it.

Do you think that having the USA at your side now that you will have it for ever with you and it is sufficient for you to prevail?
Do you think really that by weapon and armies you can always control the weak people?
Do you think that in killing and jailing for years without a proper trial, and exiling Palestinians you can kill their soul and their will and destroy for ever their spirit and future as a people?

With great respect and love, listen to me Friends:
This people will multiply, as happened to you throughout the history; the history will speak about Palestinians and Arabs and will sympathize with (PALOCAUST) their suffering, the war criminals will pay by the will of the International law one day or another.
Samson will return and please be friend to him before it is too late, he may do the same as he did thousand of years ago in your history... Already some people say that they are Samsons in offering themselves as suicide bombers. I do not agree with them, as I have never agreed with Samson. Samson killed innocent children, women and families and is regarded a GREAT BIBLICAL HERO.
We do fear with you, the weapons of mass destruction also.

So, please, remember your history, it could repeat itself, but this time with another people...in an other time...and we do not want this...

The Palestinian people will live, will survive and will come back as you did.
The history is with those who have a will, a determinate will.
Time is not working for you and with you.
You cannot kill the will and spirit of a people, the will of a nation!
Nobody could kill yours and you came back, and you multiplied.
Just remember this, my friends.
Be friends to the Palestinians.
Give them their Lands and work for justice.
Treat them as human beings, you will them have peace and prosperity.
Stop killing them in different ways as you do ...
Samson will stop growing his hair and come back to destroy himself and others with him.
We do not need any Samson, we need Abraham who was the Father of the Jews, Christians and Muslims to unite his children for a better life.

With love and respect,

Father Labib Kobti
San Francisco
The letter that i am responding to above:

Dear Sir
I can match each of these with a similar story from the other side.  What's your point? Should Israel simply dry up and blow away? Where should they go? What should they do? Or is it 'who cares'?
Golda Meir said in 1967 that "the Arabs can fight and lose, and come back to fight another day. Israel can only lose once."  Eloquent. And I've yet to hear anybody mount a cogent argument to the contrary.
I am sorry, but I cannot support your position which appears to support the blood libel "Zionism is racism".  I am not a Jew, but I support a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people, which makes me a Zionist. Does that make me racist as well? Or a Christian?
I'll send you a quote in return.  "Thus saith the LORD, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The LORD of hosts is his name: If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the LORD, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever." Jeremiah 31:35-36  I will not presume to fight against God's Word.
When the time comes to stand before the Righteous Judge, I prefer to answer for my position using the Words of the Judge Himself.  You can use the liberal media to back yours, if you like. But the Bible has never lied to me.  I'd like to say that about CNN.
Sincerely in Christ