Some people have accused me and I am responding:
August 15, 2001

Dear friends:

I am sorry to be long this time. I have the right to defend myself, you started to label me, and it is just unfair.

I am sorry that you see in me a person who twist things and "obvious leanings against Israel." I AM NOT. Or at least I do not see myself like that and a  lot of my great Jewish and Israeli friends do not see that on me.
Please, my friend, stop accusing me.

As much as I appreciate your good work for trying to tell the TRUTH and your commitment to justice and love your work and thank you for your good heart, I have to say that we need to deal with FACTS and TRUST for all sides.

If I say things and you see them anti-Israeli because I am objective in saying them, it is just unfair.
We have the right to say things and I am not at all anti-Semite or anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian because I say things.
I am myself a SEMITE and I am PROUD OF IT. And really I love my Jewish friends. A lot of them are the people who are correcting my English and helping me to speak out.

We should never label a person because he criticizes what we say  ... it is unfair, do you like me to call you or anybody anti-SEMITE because you labeled me, I am SEMITE, Palestinians are Semites also, or Anti-Palestinian because you are against Arafat. It will be unfair and I will never do that.

In a democratic country, we need to say things DEMOCRATICALLY without starting to label somebody. It is just unfair.

I want to be your friend, but I need to say freely all what I need to say without accusations from your part, and you started to accuse me. It is just unfair.

When I deal with facts and try to be truthful to justice and peace, it is because I love Israel and I love the Jews. The future of my Jewish friends is in making peace and in giving justice to the Palestinians. Israel cannot continue to say that it is a VICTIM.
Israel has to recognize the RIGHTS of the People on the Land on Palestine. Israel has to recognize the UN Resolutions and implement them for the sake of JUSTICE and peace, for the sake of its future.

I have written in the past and said it clearly that I am not pro-Arafat or pro-Palestinian, I am PRO-TRUTH and unfortunately the TRUTH today speaks about JUSTICE to Palestinians and blaming Israel. This is a FACT.
The US media is biased and this is also a FACT.
And I am not the only one who is saying that. You can just go to the many statements of important people, MANY OF THEM ARE DEAR JEWISH OR ISRAELI PERSONS and also you can go to international HUMAN RIGHTS organizations.

Dealing with facts you can see on the following webpages things that can speak to you and a lot of good friends:

Please, read it on:

IN FACT: Let me say it CLEARLY and state what I believe:

1) Again I am not pro-Arafat. All those people mentioned below, like Arafat did a lot of terrorism, they became prime ministers and have been respected by the International Community although they have committed a lot of Crimes: Begin and Shamir (they were on the list of terrorists wanted by the ENGLISH, this is FACT),  Peres (who killed people in QANA, Lebanon, at the UN Compound, read it on and destroyed the USS Liberty read it at when he was in charge with the Labor Party, Sharon who is accused of war crimes.

I do not minimize what Arafat have done, I do not care for him ... but I have to say it justly and fairly that the others are not so much better, and in saying this I am not justifying Arafat or any Palestinian who is using violence.
All kind of violence is wrong for me. The State violence or individual violence or organization violence ....

2) Palestinians have accepted the State of Israel who took 78% of their land Palestine. THIS IS A FACT. The Oslo, the Madrid, the Washington conferences and agreements speak about that. Palestinians will not ask back for the 78% that was illegally taken by Israel and this is a GREAT CONCESSION FROM THEIR PART.
Do you give 78% of your house to somebody who says that his great grand father some 2000 years have occupied that house? All the Jews came from Russia, Poland, USA, Germany. Ethiopia ... and took the Palestinian land. Palestinians did not come from any where, they where the owners of the Land. THIS IS A HISTORICAL FACT.

3) Palestinians are askinmg to build their own State on the 22% of their Land. This is what is called the Peace Process. During this period of years of negotiations, the different Israeli governments where building settlements on the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES (Resolution 242, and 338) and at the same time not permitting to  Palestinians to build houses or even restore their houses, when the Settlers were permitted to build anywhere everywhere on the Palestinian Lands.
UN Resolutions and International Law and the US have condemned these acts many times.
Why Israel do not build in Israel, there is plenty of room on the 78% that they took? Why on the 22% of the Palestinian OCCUPIED Land?

4) A lot of frustration, a lot of refusal to implement the UN Resolutions, or signed agreements, with the closure of Jerusalem, the demolition of Palestinians houses, the killing of many children, and women, jailing of the activists, labeling the Palestinians as Terrorists and punishing the whole population, burning their farms, giving to the settlers all rights to do what ever they want without arresting the killers, no jobs in Palestine, the wage in Israeli is equal to the US one when the Palestinian are living in poverty without sometimes water and electricity ... all these ARE FACTS.

5) Violence will nourishes violence. Palestinians also used violence in their RIGHT TO RESIST OCCUPATION. (In fact the International law give the RIGHT to any people under Occupation to resist by any means).
As a Priest I have always called for nonviolence and you can see this in all my writings.

6) Israeli have suffered and suffer of Violence and Palestinians are suffering of violence. Palestinians are using the common weapons, Israelis are using technology and F16.

7) The only way to peace is in the hand of Israel, as Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem  put it:"If there is peace, it is thanks to the Israelis. If there is no peace, it is because of the Israelis. The whole question is in the hands of Israelis. Israel is the occupier of the land. Israel can put an end to the occupation and implement the UN Resolutions. Palestinians are passive recipients."

8) Again AM I anti-Israeli?  Or as you have said: twist things and "obvious leanings against Israel" when I SAID THE ABOVE? I am not. I AM NOT. Am I twisting the facts?
Please prove that to me!
Let documented facts speak out.

I expect from you to help our beloved Jews and Israelis to build bridges as I am doing with many Rabbis and Jewish people in San Francisco. Let them understand that the only way for Israel to be the great beautiful and great country that they want is to GIVE JUSTICE TO PALESTINIANS.

And please do not accuse me on things that I did not do or say.

With respect and prayers,

Father Labib Kobti