Why the Arab States do not resolve the Palestinian conflict by providing land for them
April 24, 2002

By respect, I changed the name of the person who asked the question

            Thanks for your reply...Just wondering.....Because I have never received an answer to the question....
            (though I have a pretty good idea)  "Why don't the surrounding Arab states, who also  have so much
            land (I know I've been there), help solve the problem by providing some for a Palestinian state.
            D.W. (Rev.)
Very Dear Rev. D.W.

Perhaps if your read your question on the following way, you may understand.

Why the Spanish speaking or Latinos do not help the People of FockLand, Argentina (for example, and let the English people come and live in peace there) to go and live in any these countries, South America is all Latinos? Or why the B\lack people of Africa do not let the black of South Africa to live anywhere in Africa and let the white come from everywhere and live in south Africa?

The answer would be, NO way.
Because everybody has his own country, his own history, his own traditions, his own live and their own land....

The Arabs are not the same in all the Arabic Countries. They speak different Arabic dialects, they have different histories (Egypt is different from Saudi Arabia, from Lebanon, from Palestine etc..)

Americans are speaking the same English language but they fought the war of liberation to be a free country from England. Having the same language does not mean having the same history, traditions, culture, faith....

I hope I explained.

Pray for peace, justice and peace.

Rev. labib Kobti