To a religious Catholic Leader who pretends reprtesting the Catholic Church on the Issue of the Holy land
April 21, 2002

With my respect and humble prayers for you and your congregation.

I do not agree with your talk at that CSPAN  has reported about what you said the Jewish Rally.
I wonder how they can put your remarks that really do not represent in ANY WAY the Catholic Church or the Head of Christian Churches of the Holy Land!!!

Dear Sister:

It is unfair to represent what you ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I think you need to apologize, because Catholics and Christians in the USA are unhappy on what you have stated on thier behalf.

1) I can tell you that you cannot speak on the name of the Catholic Church at any Rally. You do not represent the Conference of the Catholic Bishops. No bishop even can speak in the name of the Catholic if he is not giving the mandate by the Conference of Bishop. And when he will speak he should respect the statements issued by the Conference that you can find

2) I do not know if  you represent your own congregation ... We need to see this and we need proves of that.

3) In a democratic country, our beloved USA, you can represent your view, BUT CANNOT SAY that they represent any entity. They are only your views and you are free to express what you want.

4) The Holy Land Catholic Church as well all the Head of Christian Churches of the Holy Land have written a letter to Collin Powell on April 13.
This message, that you can find on:
have been endorsed by many Catholic Churches all over the world and can speak about the situation on the ground of the Holy Land.

I think that the Head of the Christian churches do not need anybody to tell them what is right or wrong on the ground of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They are living under the Israel Occupation with their people for years and they can speak for themselves to the American Administration, the American people, to the world, to the Arabs and to the Jews.

5) You can find also many UPDATES (updates2002) giving all  Statements and documents on the issue of the Holy Land by Religious Leaders from all over the world
at updates2002
These documents can speak ONLY to you and to anybody on the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and they contradict what you have stated.

6) You may like, perhaps to read my talk to the Jewish rally of Tikkun in front of the Israel consulate in San Francisco
Or my open letter to the Jews and their friends,

I do represent the voice of the Head of Christian churches from the Holy land as I was sent by Patriarch Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, to serve the Arab-American Catholic in North California, and I speak on the name of Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Orthodox of the Holy Land.

So, please, clerify who you are and what do you represent.

Father Labib Kobti
San Francisco,