Talk of Fr. labib Kobti
At Tikkun rally
In front of the Israel Consulate
 Thursday April, 11, 2002

(I could not say it all for lack of time, you have then the chance to read it if you want)

Very Dear Friends:

I am also part of the Tikkun community and I am proud of it.  I am a friend of Rabbi Michael Lerner and I am honored to be his friend. My name is Father Labib Kobti, I studied in the Holy land, became professor in the seminary, assistant priest in Beit-Jala, Palestine. I lived there for over 19 years. I love the Holy land.

You, my dear Friends, sisters and Brothers from the Jewish community-Tikkun, and their friends, you have to remember that for over 5.000 years, the Jews had given a lot to humanity and the world.
Today, you are called to build peace, justice and TRUTH in the Holy Land.
We trust you who believe in peace, justice and TRUTH.
And we believe that you want to do justice to the Palestinians, and you can do that.
Rabbi Michael Lerner have been arrested today in Washington, because he called for a civl disobedience, and because he is a believer of justice, peace and TRUTH and he went to scream this to the USA Administration who do not want to see the real way to TRUTH, that set a person free.

During history you have suffered, dear Brothers and sisters, the Jewish community, of a lot of discriminations and labeling, and you suffered a terrible Holocaust. This holocaust that killed a lot of innocent people should never happen again. But let me tell you, sincerely, I am afraid for you. A lot of labeling here and there are becoming tangible and seen. A lot of anti-Semitism against Jews here and there. AND THIS IS because of one man.

Look, we the Arabs, Christians and Muslims have been targeted and labeled here in the USA and else where because of a person that we do not agree with and we do not know of. I serve here in the USA a big number of Christian-Arabs, because, we are Arabs, we have been targeted and misjudged and mistreated, like many, who are not even Arabs. All this because of one man, Ben Laden and his friends.

You are having the same problem, you will be targeted and labeled all of you, not one will be missed and because of the new Ben Laden, Sharon and his friends.

We do not want this for you. I hope also you do not want this for us.
Suffering is not a good thing to wish to anybody.
We are people who call for peace, justice and TRUTH.

Listen to me carefully, Brothers and sisters:
The Palestinians will have their own rights recognized by the whole world and they will have their own free country. And America and Israel can do what ever they want. PALESTINIANS WILL HAVE SOONER OR LATER A FREE PALESTINE.
They will have it sooner or later. Do you hear me?
All what the USA is doing with Israel is to postpone that for later. They are only delaying the freedom of a people.

Let me tell you. It is better that we do it sooner that later. yes, SOONER, for the sake of the innocent victims from both sides, Israelis and Palestinians.
Yes, SOONER. And you can do it. You can reach out better than us to your leaders and to the Jewish lobby at the White House.
Why for their own interest and to keep their posts at the Congress, or the House, and to have some money should they postpone the future of both peoples?

Yes, both the Israelis and the Palestinians, they are called to live together for ever. The USA should help Israel to make from the Palestinians friends and not enemies. The weapons, the money, building settlements, destroying the infrastructure of a people and their future is making from them enemies. And the enemy when he sees that their is no hope, he will destroy all your hopes.
In fact, people under occupation, frustrated, violated and destroyed cannot give peace to the Occupier.

So no, listen to me:
I do not call for violence, I call for justice, I call for truth, I call for peace.
I do condemn all kind of violence or terror. I am a man of peace, a Religious Leader who preach love, sharing, cooperation, forgiveness and TRUTH
But, I understand that some causes produces some consequences, this is logic as the light of the sun.

A Country that occupies another country cannot ask for SECURITY
A country that disobeys to the UN Resolutions and International Law and Geneva Convention cannot ask for SECURITY
A Country that is building ILLEGAL settlements anywhere, everywhere in contradiction of the International Law and UN Resolutions cannot ask for SECURITY
A Country that oppress an other people, a whole nation and for over 35 years cannot ask for SECURITY
A Country that deprive a nation from their leaders, kill their activists, deprive them from food, water, electricity and destroy their infrastructure CANNOT ask for SECURITY
A Country whose leaders had committed and commit war crimes against HUMANITY cannot ask for SECURITY.

No justice, no peace, no security.
The Prophet of the Jews, Christians and Muslims ISAIAH had said: "The effect of Justice is Peace and the result of Justice, quietness and Security forever" Isaiah 32:17

For that I call on the USA, our country to change its way and help the future of Israel. The USA helped Israel to form its State in 1948, it is time to help Israel to live in peace with it neighbors.

And as a religious leader of the Arab-American Catholics in North California let me tell you that:

We, The San Francisco Arab-American Christians for Peace (AACP) and our American friends are concerned about the escalation of violence that has been spiraling out of control for the past 18 months and the massacres in Palestinian villages and cities, more specifically we are concerned about the following issues:

1) Our country, the USA, is failing to correct a 55 year injustice of the Palestinians.  Considering that our country helped create the state of Israel on Palestinian land in 1948, we believe that our government should be more actively and honestly involved in brokering a final political solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We believe that the future of both Palestinians and Israelis are inextricably intertwined and that the U.S. must do more to ensure that both peoples live together in peace.

2) We believe that our country, the USA, should demand that Israel immediately implement UN Resolutions 242, 338 and 194. We believe it is hypocritical to force Iraq to abide by all UN Security Counsel Resolutions while ignoring that Israel is in violation of a litany of UNSC Resolutions. We believe that our government should ensure that Israel halt the building illegal settlements whose presence undermine any comprehensive agreements that could take place between the Israelis and Palestinians. We ask that our government stop ignoring that Israel is acting in defiance of United Nations Security Resolutions, the Geneva Conventions and all acceptable standards of international conduct.

3) We believe that our government is making a grave error by painting the Palestinian struggle as a Muslim war fought by extremists, while failing to take into account that the Head Christian Churches in Jerusalem and every where have stated unequivocally that ISRAELI occupation begets violence, frustration and extremism of every stripe.

4)  We are distressed that our country is arming the Israeli State with American weapons and monies which are used to purchase more weapons and build more settlements. Considering that Prime Minister Sharon is being investigated in the World Court for crimes against humanity, we would like to see an end to financial and military support to Israel as long as these charges are being levied against Sharon. We believe that the United States is making an enormous mistake by arming him, and giving him the opportunity to again commit the massacres that he is currently being accused of.

5) We are concerned that our government does not place equal value on the lives of Palestinians and Israelis. We view the loss of any lives to be tragic and we condemn any kind of violence. We believe that our government should be more vocal in its condemnations of the loss of Palestinian lives and their frustration after over 34 years of Israeli Occupation, siege, oppression and the humanitarian crisis of the Palestinian refugees (over 5 million) and their despair. The international community and every single credible human rights organization throughout the world--including those in Israel have spoken out against the atrocious conditions that the Palestinians are subjected to, we ask that our government stop ignoring the collective will of the people throughout the world and that they condemn the brutality of the occupation.

6) We are concerned that our administration neglects Christian holy places on Palestinian lands because these are holy places that are sacred to all Christians. We believe that our President's last visit to China in which he stated that religious freedom should be a right to all peoples was a step in the right direction, but we are distressed that our President is indifferent to the oppression and occupation of the Palestinian Christians and Muslims. We are worried that the already massive immigration by Arab-Christians is transforming the Holy Land into a museum without living stones.

WE call on you, as sisters and brothers to help us to find a way to Educate our Government and our American people and specially the Jewish lobby at the White House. AND we trust that you can do it.

Again time is not working with you or for you, dear sisters and brothers, the Jewish community, it is unfair that you will be targeted because of the many massacres that one man have done on the name of the JEWS, the new Ben Landen: Sharon.

It is time that you walk the streets and cry out: NOT ON OUR NAME