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Please help understand
Why God is giving free reign to the Jews? Since the beginning of their
existence they have created conflicts in the world in  order to take
control. Why are they "Chosen" people? Why God would promise them
someone'else land although they have killed all the Prophets ?

The ANSWER from Father Labib

God is LOVE.

He loves us all the same.

People made Him the God of only some people.

God will speak for justice, peace and truth.

He waited years before He spoke when Christians have been persecuted for 300
at the beginning of Christianity, then He spoke and the whole Roam Empire
became Christian because of the blood of the many martyrs.

God will speak and bring justice to the world and not only for the Holy Land
... will we see that day on which He will speak, I am not sure ... but it is
not important ... For the Love of God time is not an issue, the souls, the
hearts are an issue. THEN KEEP YOUR HEART with GOD, TRUST GOD, LOVE GOD and
HE will speak to your heart and you will feel his peace on you. This is the
first conversion for the Peace in the World. He speaks to hearts ... to each
heart .. and hearts will change will toll time but it is happening...

Join me then in prayers for justice, peace and TRUTH.

Abouna Labib Kobti
Moderator of the AACC list.
You will see what I see on the situation in the Holy Land