Talking points
We should say it clearly that:

1) THE USA is the responsible of the suffering of the Palestinians for 54 years, THE SAME way the USA put ONLY Arafat responsible for the suffering of the Israelis. The USA could impose the respect of the UN Resolutions but by its Vetoes the USA for years have given Israel right (green light) to build settlements, to stay in the occupied territories, to kill Palestinian, to destroy their houses, burn their farms, and supported the different Israeli claims and government against the will of the International Community.

a) What is the difference between state terrorism and individual terrorist acts? If we understand this difference, we'll understand also the evil nature of US policies in the Middle East and the forthcoming disasters. When Yassir Arafat was put under siege in his offices and kept hostage by the Israeli occupation forces, he was constantly pressed into condemning terror and combating terrorism. Israel's state terrorism is defined by US officials as "self-defense", while individual suicide bombers are called terrorists.

The only "small" difference is that Israeli aggression is the direct responsibility of Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Ben Eliezer, Shimon Peres and Shaul Mofaz, while the individual terrorist acts are done by individuals in despair, usually against Arafat's will. One hour after Arafat declared his support of a cease-fire and wished the Jews a Happy Passover feast, a suicide bomber exploded himself in a hotel in Netanya, killing 22 innocent Jews celebrating Passover. Arafat was blamed as responsible for this act, and the present IDF offensive has been justified through this accusation. At the same time, Sharon's responsibility for Israeli war crimes is being completely ignored. Who should be arrested for the targeted killing of almost 100 Palestinians? Who will be sent to jail for the killing of more than 120 Palestinian paramedics?
(Dr. Lev Grinberg is a political sociologist, and Director of the Humphrey Institute for Social Research at Ben Gurion University - Israel. (

b) Nobody can control his own children, no general the behavior of his own soldiers, no president the declarations of his administration and ministers (we are witness of a lot of differences and speeches and interoperation at President Bush Administration, should we put the President responsible of what Powel, Chiney ...have said and then changed it under pressure...)

c) Putting somebody responsible when really he could not be the real one is preparing to destroy the person and a strategy to outset the person. This is exactly what is happening now between Sharon and Arafat. The USA accepted and repeated what Sharon have said from the first moment, and it repeated the Security for peace of Netanyahu as it has done with Rabin when he spoke about Land for peace ...the USA is doing only what Israel want. THE USA do not have an INDEPENDENT and FAIR STAND on the issue of JUSTICE and TRUTH concerning the Israelo-Palestinian conflict. The USA Adminstration is an ISRAELI-OCCUPIED TERRITORY. The USA is only repeating what the different Israel governements have said and wanted to do ion the region.

2)  Israel cannot ask for SECURITY when it is an OCCUPIED FORCES against the UN RESOLUTIONS and the INTERNATIONAL LAW and COMMUNITY. No country can give an OCCUPIER the RIGHT for security against the UN Resolutions and International LAW, specially when the OCCUPIED people have lost, because of OPPRESSION (read the human rights reports)  all its dignity and freedom because of the OCCUPATION. (

3) The USA is responsible for the actual and current worsening of the situation and the reoccupation of the Palestine because of its support of Israel and failure to recognize the rights of the Palestinians to resist occupation ( and because of its silence in front of many Human Rights crimes against Palestinians reported by Religious Leaders, Human right Organizations and UN organizations, and the use of the US weapons against Palestinians (

4) The USA is the reason of the suffering of the Palestinian refugees for 54 years because it failed to recognize their RIGHT of RETURN when it gave money, media coverage and helped the transfer of Jewish Russians, Ethiopians to Israel and built for them settlements in the Occupied Territories. It is unfair to give a kind of right of return to people after thousands of years and IGNORE it for people who have been displaced by force less than 60 years ago. (

5) The USA cannot be anymore trusted as HONEST BROKER, we should call on a new group of broker, The group could be in the same time, representatives of: the UN, the Europe Union, the Islam conference, the Arab league, the nonaligned countries with the USA and Russia.

Dear Friends, you may have other points that we can add, please feel free to share and let us put a full talking points for the friends of justice, peace and TRUTH.

Father Labib Kobti, Al-Bushra