The President is right and Truthful.
This is what he knows and this what they tell him.
Fr. labib Kobti
January 26, 2002

The President: I do not have time to follow up with things all over the world. Terror in Afghanistan, terror in Philippines, in Iraq, in Syria, in India, in Somalia, in Indonesia, in Bosnia, in Nigeria, in Lebanon ... it is just too much
The Lobby: We understand you are busy, Dear Mr. President, we will take care to update you faithfully on the terror in Israel.
The President: I trust you, Dear Friends, you are my buddy.
The Lobby: We will never fail your trust, Mr. President

The President: So, how things are in Israel?
The Lobby: Israel is always fighting against Palestinian terror.
The President: I heard about the innocent Israelis killed here and there.
The Lobby: Everyday the Palestinian terrorists kill innocent Israelis, every single day.
The President: We just asked them to stop their terror and we will help them.
The Lobby: They will never stop. Arafat is the master of terror, he will never change.
The President: I can understand my dear friend Sharon. Like me he has no choice!
The Lobby: In fact, he simply asked them for seven days without terror ...
The President: Seven days without terror! It is not so much asking!

The President: And how Sharon is trying to deal with such Palestinian Terror?
The Lobby: He asked Arafat with great respect to bring to justice the terrorists
The Lobby: He asked Arafat with great diplomacy to arrest the doers and the people who send them
The Lobby: He asked Arafat kindly to act against the terrorists.
The President: And what Arafat did?
The Lobby: He announced a verbal ceasefire and bring some for discussions
The Lobby: He protected the terrorists against Israel anger and released them again to kill!

The President: Poor friend Sharon. He should feel horrible in front of his people.
The Lobby: He does. He just responds to the terror by targeting only the terrorists.
The Lobby: He tries to be nice, and just and retaliate only after every terrorist act.
The Lobby: The IDF try to tell the Palestinians that they are not the target.
The Lobby: Mr. President, it is just the way you say that the target is not Islam.
The Lobby: The way you say that the target is Terror.

The President: Waw, I cannot understand these Palestinians!
The Lobby: Nobody could! Who can understand the logic of the Terrorists?

The President: And there are a lot of causalities?
The Lobby: From the Israeli side: innocent people are killed
The Lobby: From the Palestinian side: terrorists are only the target
The lobby: Some civilians die here and there, the way it is happening in a war.

The President: I feel with the Israelis. I feel with my poor friend Sharon.
The President: Sharon has all my support, I understand his challenges.
The President: I condone with his choices.
The President: I will call him to Washington. We need to try to do something.
The President: This Palestinian terror should stop. We need to stop it.
The President: I will call on my administration to take new steps.
The President: Arafat should deliver the terrorist or deliver power.
The President: Our war against terror, as I have always said, is a long one.

The lobby knows that they are not telling the President the TRUTH.
They know that OCCUPATION is the problem.
They know that this occupation is the longest in the recent history.
They know that Sharon is a war criminal.
They have read all the human rights reports on the suffering of the Palestinians:
The Cities who became Camp of Concentrations,
The demolition of houses, the killing and death at check points,
The hunger and the thirst of the women and children who lost their houses.
The building of new settlements.
The terror of the settlers.
They know that the implementation of the UN resolutions is the solution
And the respect of the International Law is the way for justice and peace.
They know that the whole world sympathize with the suffering of the Palestinians.
Palestinians under Israel OCCUPATION.

They know that sooner or LATER the Palestinians will have their own state.
They know that SOONER or Later Israel needs good neighbors.
They know that they can change things for the best.
And for both Israelis and Palestinians.
They know that American People will not stay silent for ever.
They know that the TRUTH will be known.
It will be proclaimed over every roof.
And they will be judged as war criminals.

Hoops, America also knows.
American knows more that anybody on the world.
America is delaying the day in which Israel should live in peace with its neighbors.
American is only delaying the day the Palestinians will have back all their rights
America is not listening to the voices of the world, the voice of its conscience.

Only one voice, Dear President, will not help to know all the TRUTH.
Listen to the other voices and save Israel and the Palestinians more killings.
After all the war in Afghanistan is different.
In Palestine you have an OCCUPIER who oppresses.
And an OCCUPIED people who waited so long, so long.