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August, 3, 2001

Dear Friends:

Responding the BELOW statements of the Israeli government and the "altered Israeli official policy" in speaking about assassinations:

We have to tell the world that Israel is ASSASSINATING, MURDERING the people who once believed in the Peace. Yes, the same people who believed that one day they will get Land for Peace and accepted in a way or another the Oslo, Madrid, Washington ... conferences, signed agreements ... are now frustrated after years of:

1) Israel lying to the world and not respecting the agreements with the support of  the USA Vetoes at the UN
2) Israel has continued to build settlements with the US money
3) Israel has continued to give weapons to the settlers and cover on their crimes with the US bias media coverage
4) Israel has continued to play with her needs for security in killing, destroying Palestinian houses, creating new way of closures against the Palestinians ... even against the RIGHT TO WORSHIP GOD in the Muslim and Christian Holy Places in Jerusalem
5) Israel continued to bring Jews from all over the world DENYING the RIGHT to Palestinians to come back to their villages and houses ...
6) Israel continued despite the UN, the International LAW, the Geneva forth Convention to detain the People in the Occupied Territories in a big Camp of Concentration, jailing even children, old people and women, refusing to free people from her prisons after years and years without any court ...

Those people who BELIEVED IN PEACE and WORKED their best for that, TODAY ARE in an INTIFADA (A right to resist OCCUPATION). It is a Right recognized by the International Law, by the UN Charters and the Forth Geneva Convention. " Any people under occupation has the right to resist OCCUPATION by all means."

Israel is killing these ACTIVISTS with their families in the name of security.
Israel is committing crimes against the people who found that after all, only a RIGHTFUL RESISTANCE against OCCUPATION is the only way to finish OCCUPATION.

Again as a Catholic Priest I am for a nonviolent resistance but I stand with the statement of Patriarchs and Head of Christian CHURCHES in the Holy Land:
The Patriarchs of Jerusalem have affirmed that “it is the right and the duty of an occupied people to struggle against injustice in order to gain their freedom.” At the same time, they also asserted that “nonviolent means remain stronger and more
efficient.” (Patriarchs, Nov. 2000).

Abouna Labib Kobti
San Francisco


>  Israel says 'assassination' in public relations blunder
>Officially, government prefers 'targeted killings'
>By Peter Hermann
>Sun Foreign Staff
>Originally published August 3, 2001
>JERUSALEM - The Israeli army kills suspected terrorists by shooting
>missiles through office windows or rigging their telephones to
>explode. But it does not assassinate people.
>That has long been the Israeli government's official position - at
>least until Wednesday night, when a single sentence in a three-
>paragraph government news release seemingly altered official policy.
>Defending the killing Tuesday of two senior Palestinian members of
>Hamas in Nablus, the Defense Ministry referred to its missile attack
>there as an "assassination."
>Yesterday, officials scrambled to correct the choice of words.
>Officials prefer to call the actions "targeted killings" and describe
>them as part of a policy of "active self-defense."
>The news release calling the missile strike in Nablus an
>assassination "was a bad translation," said Moshe Karif, a defense
>spokesman whose name appears at the end of the release. "It was done
>by a soldier who didn't understand English very well and didn't know
>what he was doing."
>The soldier, who Karif said faxed the statement before it had been
>approved by senior commanders, was removed from his post in the
>public affairs office.
>The choice of words, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said, "will cause
>us tremendous damage. We do not have an assassination policy."
>The Jerusalem Post gave the blunder front-page play yesterday with a
>banner headline: "Bad English threatens Israel's public relations
>An embarrassment to the Israelis seemed a public relations coup for
>the Palestinians.
>Finally, said Mustafa Barghouti, who heads a group that publishes a
>Palestinian newsletter, "the Israelis tell the truth."
>Aside from its fractured syntax, the release misspelled the city
>where the attack occurred (calling it "Nebulas" instead of Nablus),
>and gave the Defense Ministry's chief spokesman a wrong, politically
>loaded title: "coordinator of government actions in the occu- pied
>Barghouti suggested that the truth had at last come out. "I think
>they call the attacks assassinations when they talk between
>themselves," he said of Israeli officials. "What else could you call

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