To the Persident of Bethelehm University
January 22, 2002

Very Dear Brother:

Very Soon the Delegation of the International Bishops and Cardinals will meet with you at the University of Bethlehem.

I am Fr. Labib Kobti that you met in Sacramento at the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher Ceremony. I am the director of Al-Bushra and who have been sent by Patriarch Sabbah to serve the Arab-American Catholics in the bay Area.

Beside your invitation to the World wide Catholic religious Leaders to support the Great work of Education at Bethlehem University

Permit me to give you some suggestions: (sooner or later the solution will be to recognize the Palestinian right on the land and their right to have their own STATE, the USA and the Europe are only delaying with Israel this TRUTH)

You may ask the Delegation of Bishops and Cardinals:

1) To work a delegation of Religious Leaders and Lay important personalities of their own countries to meet with their own governments to ask them to stand for Justice peace and TRUTH. A DELEGATION of Religious LEADERS of different confessions to Washington and meeting with President Bush and his Administration is very important. In today situation, ONLY RELIGIOUS LEADERS can help. This beside what it will give internationally will show the importance of the Christians in bringing justice, peace and TRUTH to the situation of the Holy Land in front of the Muslims and help the Christians of the Holy land t o feel proud. (please find below what they can propose in their visit to their governments.

2) Ask the International Religious Leaders to:
a) Open their UNIVERSITIES and HIGH SCHOOLS to conferences on the Holy Land. We find difficulties to reach out to the Universities, specially the Jesuit ones to EDUCATE on justice and TRUTH about the Holy Land Situation. The Universities give the future Congressmen and women, the future senators and political forces. we need to reach out to them. They have to create committee (justice and peace organization) in their dioceses that work to  Conferences in Universities, Schools and Churches. The Catholics all over the world ignore the TRUTH. The Catholic Church has failed to tell our Catholic people the TRUTH. Catholics ignore the existence of Christian Palestinians or Arabs. These Leaders are responsible to EDUCATE THE CATHOLICS WORLD WIDE. Please insist that they create committees and open to the UNIVERSITIES, high schools and churches for us. is a great resource and I will be happy to send people with you to many universities to EDUCATE.

b) The religious Leaders work a DOCUMENT of only ONE PAGE to EDUCATE their Catholic People and should be read in Churches and put in their magazines and bulletins so as to EDUCATE THE CATHOLICS of their dioceses.
I can suggest these things to be put: (Taken for the stands of the Vatican)

* The Holy Bible cannot be used to take over a land, and deprive the owner of the land. Taking the Palestinian land in unbiblical
* God is the God of Righteousness and love. He will not accept oppression, violence and terrorism between his children. Violence will nourish violence and only dialogue based on the International Law and UN Resolutions, can bring justice that will lead to peace
* Christian Arabs of the Holy Land are the Christians of the First Century Acts 2:11, they are Palestinians with their blood brothers the Muslims and the Jews. They deserve our attention and our recognition as owners of the Land.
* Our sources of information are not the News that are given by some news agencies who failed to tell the TRUTH for centuries now about the situation in the ground of the Holy Land. Our source of Information is our Catholic News agencies. I am proud to be ONE OF THEM with,  Al-Bushra

Dear Brother as for the delegation of religious leaders to their Governments, I suggest that they come with: (taken form different stands of Patriarch Sabbah and Holy Land religious Leaders)
a) We ARE CONCERNED, that giving Sharon the green light will not bring justice to the people of the Holy Land. Destruction of the houses and the infrastructures, killing the Palestinian leaders, policy of wide punishments and closure, building settlements are not the solution, they bring the violence and terrorism in the hearts of PALESTINIAN PEOPLE
b) The right of the Palestinians to resist occupation. In fact the Religious Leaders of the Holy Land have affirmed that “it is the right and the duty of an occupied people to struggle against injustice in order to gain their freedom.” At the same time, they also asserted that “nonviolent means remain stronger and more
efficient.” (Patriarchs, Nov. 2000).
c) Occupation is the problem. End Occupation, implement the UN Resolutions 224,338 and 194 violence will stop
d) Sooner or later the RIGHT of the PALESTINIANS will be recognized. Our governments will fell responsible for the killing of many people. Work for justice and stop war crimes then.

I hope that you will find this useful, I am sorry if I just wanted to write to you on a time when you will be busy. Please tell me if this helped.

1) Vatican and Middle East:
2) Statements by  Religious Leaders from all over the World:
4) Head of Christian Churches of the Holy land Stands:

With love and respect,

Father Labib Kobti