Ideas for a peaceful March in the Holy Land
November 29, 2001

1) I think that you do impress the US MEDIA if you adopt this idea during the March:
You tell them that for 54 years the USA is helping Israel with money, Media, weapons, UN resolutions and International pressures to become a COUNTRY.

It is time after 54 years that the USA help Israel to live in peace and prosperity.
The only way that the USA can help Israel NOW and IMMEDIATELY is to help the Palestinians and after 54 years to have their own human rights: A State, the return of the Refugees...

The USA is not helping Israeli when the USA do not see that the future of Israel is in having FRIENDLY people around it and not enemies. The USA is destroying Israel and we do not like to see that.

2) I think that holding OLIVE BRANCHES during the March will symbolize the will to have peace. Call them on people to hold Olive branches and change the PLO to: Palestinians Love Olives.

3) Perhaps if you get some children dressed in Angels (as we are around Christmas) bringing white doves symbols of peace and that they let them fly over Bethlehem  (with a chant by a group, Glory to God in the Highest and Peace on EARTH...) or Jerusalem (with other chants of psalms that chant peace for Jerusalem) at the end of the march can speak to people all over the world.

4) Perhaps if the march ends also with a STATEMENT (like the one of the Pax Christi International or the Sabeel Jerusalem Document) but with only one page and distributed to people and MEDIA with a back ground picture of Temple, Church and Mosque or Star, Cross and Moon.

5) Perhaps Asking Dehesheh Refugee camp to provide the Children that have been hugged by the Pope when he visited Dehesheh and other Refugee Camps children to hold the symbols of their sufferings

6) Perhaps forming THE MARCH in this way can speak to the MEDIA:
a) Children of Refugee Camps
b) Children of Parents who have been killed
c) People who have lost their houses (they have been demolished) or lost their land or their olives ...
d) Women in Black who have lost their husbands of children
e) Schools
f) University and Colleges
h) NGOs
i) Political authorities
j) Religious Leaders

WELL ORGANIZING things and then put it on a paper that should be distributed to the Media will help the journalists to write things already they have it on paper.

If the MEDIA speaks about the March, then the March will give a push for peace, justice and TRUTH