As we start a new School year
Dear Brothers and sisters:
I found the following on a book that helps parents to prepare for the Baptism of their children.
I am writing it to you hoping that it would help some of you to understand why our children are acting or re-acting on this or that way.
I am writing it to you so you also that some may correct themselves before it is too late.
At the end I added some reflections of mine.
"A child who lives with CRITICISM, learn to CONDEMN
A child who lives with HOSTILITY, learn to FIGHT
A child who lives with RIDICULE, learn to be SHY
A child who lives with SHAME, learns to feel GUILTY
A child who lives with TOLERANCE, learn to be PATIENT
A child who lives with ENCOURAGEMENT, learns CONFIDENCE
A child who lives with PRAISE, learns to APPRECIATE
A child who lives with FAIRNESS, learns JUSTICE
A child who lives with SECURITY, learns to have FAITH
A child who lives with APPROVAL, learns to LIKE himself.
A child who lives with ACCEPTANE, and FRIENDSHIP, learns to find love in the world."
Some reflections of mine:
You, parents, are a role model for your children. You gave them birth, they know you first as they open their eyes to life.
Think of what impact your life during the years of growth as a child. Think of your own parents and teachers at school.
Think of the way your parents or teachers had treated as a child, how your they used to talk to you, ot listen, to punish, to tell you honestly things.
Think of the words, bad and good, the labeling of people or the gossip against people, or about their patience and forgiveness between mamma and daddy. The way they used to address each other, with respect or not!
Think of your church, your pastor, the religious sisters or brothers and their example and the way that they have touched your life in good or bad.
Our past is making our way on how we are today treating our children. Many times we are the reason of their troubles and their frustrations. As many times, we are the reason of the their success. We can make their future and as well we can destroy it. We can be the make from them addicted to alcohol, to drugs, to lust, to dishonesty, to the love of money at any cost. Our good or bad example is the key. The mere truth is that what you plant from the very beginning is what you really get.
The Gospel says: "By their fruits you will know them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Just, so every good tree bears good fruit, and every rotten tree bears bad fruits. A good tree cannot bear bad fruits, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruits. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. So by their fruits you will know them." Mat. 7:16-20
And let me tell you on the same way the above principles:
A child who lives in a LOVING family, will learn to create a LOVING environment
A child who lives in a FORGIVING family, will learn to BUILD society
A child who lives in a PRAYING family, will learn to TURN AWAY from sin
A child who lives in a HATEFUL FAMILY, will learn how to create DISCORD
A child who lives in a "GOSSIPFUL" family, will learn to put in SHAME his own family
A child who lives in a LUSTFUL family, will learn to ABUSE SEXUALLY women and men.
Tell me how you live with your children, I will tell you the very future of them.
I wish you all a happy new school year.