Seventh Sunday of Ordinary time (B)
The Faith that show what God really is

Capernaum was at that time an important commercial city. It was the city of Sts. Peter and James. Jesus had difficulties preaching there. Jesus was preaching in one of the houses in Capernaum.  People were all around and every where.  Among them was a paralyzed man, who believed Jesus could cure him.  His family had brought him there.  But there was no way to get to Jesus. But he insisted, “I  want to be healed by Jesus, he can do it, he will do it for me, just get me to him”. The Paralytic kept on insisting.  They could not resist him. They had to find a way, any way. They tried to speak to people, nobody listened. This unwanted paralytic, the uncared for was not important for them. There was no place for such people as far as they were concerned. The only way was to open the roof above and let the paralytic down in front of Jesus.

The Gospel says: "When Jesus saw their faith" (yes, the faith of the Paralytic and the faith of the people who brought him to Jesus), he did two important things to that man.
First, Jesus forgave his sins and showed who he really is. St. John Chrysostom (c. 347-407), a well known father of the Church commenting on this, said: "The Scribes asserted that only God forgives sins, Jesus showed that he has also  the power that belongs to God alone." He showed them in Capernaum, this city that had difficulties, as the Gospel tells us, to believe in Jesus, what he really is.
Second, Jesus healed the Paralytic as a proof of who really he is: St. John continues saying: "Obviously, it is easier to heal the body. Indeed, as far as the soul is above the body, so far does the forgiveness of sins surpass physical healing. However, since the one is invisible, but the other is visible, Jesus grants as well this lesser visible miracle as proof of the one which is greater but invisible."
Do you see with me the power of faith?  Faith shows what God is really for you.  Faith cleans you. Faith heals you. Faith teaches you and the people who will see the power of God. Faith changes hearts and converts people. Faith will send you in mission to be an apostle of the true God.
William Ellery Channing said: Faith is love taking the form of aspiration. And John Greenleaf Whittler said: When faith is lost, when honor dies, the man is dead.