We call on the Pope for help
October 22, 2001

Dear Friends:

Please, help to spread this message and send it everywhere and put it on your news papers, please help to bring INFINITE JUSTICE for Palestinians

I got this message from the Dheisheh  REFUGEE CAMP that the Pope visited in May 22, 2000,
AND AS A CATHOLIC PRIEST: I agree that the POPE has to do something and IMMEDIATELY.
IN FACT: Palestinians everywhere in the Holy Land that the Pope visited during His Pilgrimage in 2001 and Bethlehem with a special stop in Dheisheh PALESTINIANREFUGEE CAMP in May 22, 2000,  are in a very very bad shape.

THE USA called for an INFINITE JUSTICE for our beloved innocent people Killed in New York and Washington.


We Call on the POPE and the Catholic Churches and the Christians in the world to HONOR the word of our Lord Jesus and CALL FOR INDEFINITE JUSTICE to Palestinians AND NOT ONLY FOR AMERICANS

The VISIT of the POPE was a great HOPE to the Palestinians and specially for the innocent people in REFUGEE CAMPS, it is time that WORDS do not stay WORDS: WE NEED ACTION and IMMEDIATELY from the MORAL AUTHORITY of the POPE.

The stand should be clear for a REAL and INDEFINITE JUSTICE TO THE PALESTINIANS.

1) The United States should stop the supply of the very weapons with which
Israel makes war against a defenseless civilian Palestinian population under occupation.

2) The United States cannot allow Israel to rampage freely and indefinitely
through the occupied territories murdering people, destroying property,
building settlements and besieging and impoverishing the entire population.

3) The United States must oppose Israel's use of death squads armed with
American weapons to carry out extrajudicial executions.

4) The United States cannot expect Israel's aggression against a defenseless
civilian population to be in its short or long term interest

5) The US and EUROPE should impose on Israel to respect and implement all the UN resolutions 242, 338 and 194, as well a protection for Palestinians properties, farms, houses and residents under Israeli occupation.

6) The USA and EUROPE should not be selective in imposing the UN resolutions on some countries and put sanctions against them if they do not abide and let Israel disrespect the International law and Community.

Father Labib Kobti
San Francisco

The message from DEHESHEH

From: Bethlehemchian@hotmail.com

 Father Labib please send this letter to the Vatican and all others
God Bless you its getting really bad over here tomorrow we have a rally

We need International Protection!

October 22, 2001

Open  letter  by Palestinian  Refugee Camp Residents to His Holiness  Pope John Paul II

Your Holiness, Pope John Paul II, God bless you,



Your Holiness Pope John II

Greetings and warmhearted feeling from the persecuted Palestinians who yearn for peace to prevail in the land of peace, the Holy Land.

We the residents of the refugee camps convey to your Holiness our suffering and agony

In Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus Christ, the messenger of peace. The Entire Bethlehem area is being subjected to the most terrible kind of organized state terrorism where elderly, women and children are being killed in their besieged homes, Mosques, Churches and on the Holy Court, where Your Holiness officiated a Holy mass last years.

We implore to Your Holiness to exert utmost to stop killings devastations and all kinds of atrocities committed by the Israeli authorities, against our unarmed people in cities, villages, and refugee camps.

We are in a drive need to prompt intervention of Your Holiness to stop the genocide being perpetrated against the children of Bethlehem whose blood was shed on the Manger Square.

May God keep Your Holiness from the persecuted people and the sake of people peace and Love.

Residents and organizations of Palestinians refugee camp

Popular Committee

Dheisheh camp, Bethlehem, Palestine