If I am elected President of the US

by Fr. Labib Kobti
August 29, 2006

I will promise to respect with great love the American Ideal of freedom for the whole world, equality for all and prosperity for all, and look out for the interest of others just as I look out for the interests of Americans.

I will say to my American people:
I want to make from the US a non-aligned country.
We cannot be a good example to any country if we are aligned to any power.
We cannot bring democracy to some and then align ourselves to others who are not.
We cannot support with arms some countries and prohibit arms for others.
We cannot protect our US interests and not respect the interests of others.
We cannot speak about peace and wage or accept wars here and there.
We cannot resist dominance by other countries and then claim the right to dominate them.

I will say to Congress and the Senate:
We cannot accept that money is as a means to be elected,
We should put a limit of $100,000 as a maximum only to be used to be elected.
We cannot accept that lobbyists tell us what to do,
But we give everybody the opportunity to share visions of justice and truth.
We should not let any group control the media,
But like in other countries the media should be free, independent, and multiple.
We cannot speak and wage preventive wars,
And refuse to acknowledge that others may do the same to us.
We need to define terrorism and separate it from self defense
Or the right to resist the enemy recognized by International Law.

I will say to the UN:

I will respect your authority as an Organization for peace, justice, and truth.
I will stop using you for the interests of the US
I will be democratic with the UN in not vetoing what the majority vote for.
I will support all efforts of immediate peace, justice, and truth.
I will accept to put any American who has done anything wrong under investigation,
And accept to be judged as anybody in the world who has committed crimes.

I will say to the world

I want to be the US that you have known:
A country that had freed the slaves.
A country that had called for freedom and equality for all.
A country that cannot align with anybody to the detriment of another country.
I will be the friend of all,
I will be pro-justice, pro-peace, and pro-truth,
And not pro-some country against another,
And not pro-some justice against what is unfair,
And not pro-some truth and work for preventive wars and future wars.

I will say to Europe:

We respect your experience of democracy for many years before us,
And we want to learn from you.
We will consult with you and work with you for a better world.
We will work together to make from this world a better place to live.
We refuse to promote any of our OWN interests that are not for the common good of all.
I will say to the nations who have weapons of destruction: biological, chemical and nuclear:
Let us work for new treaties to save the world.
I will be the first to give the good example to stop any developments of new weapons.
I will be the first to set a good example with the will to destroy the old weapons.
I will be the first to change ways of war to ways of peace for the common good for the world.

I will say to Israel:

Your security is based on the security and prosperity of the Palestinians.
Your future is based on giving back what you took by force.
Your security is based on respecting all the UN Resolutions and not just some of them.
Your security is not based on building settlements.
Your security is not based on building walls.

I will always support your security and your prosperity,
But I cannot do it at the expense of the lives and future of another people.

I cannot continue to support you with weapons, money, veto, and media,
All this we tried for years and all it has brought is death to your people and to others.

I cannot continue to accept all that you want to do to others,
I have to stand against all that is not right, fair, or just.

I cannot support your right of return after 2000 years,
And refuse the right of the Palestinians to return after 50 or 60 years.

I cannot but say that you should return all the Occupied Territories,
Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese and stop all kinds of violence against others.
In doing so you will have peace and you  give peace to the whole Middle East,
And you will live in peace and prosperity with the nations near you.
The US is so far and cannot continue injustices in the Middle East for the sake of Israel.

I will say to Iraq

We invaded you under the pretext of a lie, we apologize.
We found that our desire to free you added to your past agony.
We wanted to take out a tyrant, we created hundreds of them.
Help us repair what we have done and we will withdraw our army sooner than later.
Help us help your country reclaim its historic role as the birthplace of Western Civilization.
And we will repair all the damage that we have unfortunately done to you.
Help us unite you as you were in the past,
So we with you can bring joy and peace and a smile to your children and ours.

I will say the Arab-Countries:

I accept your proposition of Beirut 2000 to make peace with Israel.
I want to work with your people even if your Kings and Presidents are democratic.
I will not accept any more to protect their money, their women, and their riches.
I will help you as people to prosper again and give to the world as you did in the past.
I will work with you people for a better life inside and outside your countries.
I will not use your oil for only my own interests,
But think of the interest of your own people and their right to justice and prosperity.

I will say to South America:

I will stop the School for Americas
I will work with your peoples for a better life based on your needs and rights.
I will stop to working for my own interests and look honesty for your interests.
I will work with the democratic elected and talk to them as partners for justice and peace

Then I will say again to my American People:

I am sure that in doing the above:
We will not have terrorists in the world.
America will be safe and the world be safe.
We will be the America of the past, respected and loved.
We will go anywhere and everywhere and be respected and appreciated by all people,
And not be hated or looked at as the most arrogant people in the world.
We will go on vacation and fill the hotels with our smiles.
And I assure you that they will again smile to the US.

By the way,

I cannot become a President because I am not born in the US.
But I love this country that I chose to be mine like many.
I hope somebody will become President
And will help us all sing "GOD BLESS AMERICA".