Sharon in visit to the USA. Will he ask for an other mandate for another 100 days?" This time for what?

Collin Powell is coming to the Middle East. What he will bring to the region?
I pray and hope peace and Justice



Israel tried it all
June 23, 2001

Death to Arabs ...
Death to all Palestinians.
No peace if there will be one Palestinian alive ...
In Ertz Israel or in the world.

What are really saying?
Excuse me!
Look, no peace for Israel ...
With Arab terrorists.
Look, no security for the Israelis
With one Palestinian in Ertz Israel

Look, we cannot accept any thing from them.
Palestinian Right of Return will out number us.
If we give them back their land,
We betray Zionism.
Bringing Jews from all over the world,
Upgrading our military to the most,
Building settlements ....
Is the only solution for our future.
Or they accept our conditions ...
Or ...

But we tried it all.
And we tried it first.
Israel tried it all for over 53 years.
You want to kill all Palestinians?
You want to destroy their future?
We cannot do it to them.
No one could do it to us, Jews.

Palestinians will survive.
They will multiply.
They will come back.
The world will sympathize with them.
The world will condemn us.

If the seed do not die on a fertile land,
It will not live, grow, multiply and bring fruits.

Palestinians are a fertile land.
We cannot ....
We need to share and to love.
We need to respect their rights.
We need to honor Abraham, the Father of all of us.

We tried it all, we tried it first ...
We tried Irgun Zeva'i Le'umi,
The Hagana ...
With Begin,
With Yitzhak Shamir,
Kahana and the settlers ...
We killed them.
And we tried it first.

We tried it all.
We killed Palestinians activists,
Inside and outside of Palestine.
In Lebanon, in Tunis, in Jordan ...
In Europe, USA and South America ...
We tried it all and first ...

We tried it all,
When we massacred them ...
In Deir Yassin ... in Sabra and Shatilla ...
In Hebron and Gaza ...
When we destroyed over 400 villages ...
We put in ruin their mosques and Churches ...
We demolished their houses,
And burned their olive trees.
We tried it all and we tried it first.

We tried it all,
When we went to Oslo,
Madrid, Washington and Sharem El Sheik ...
When we signed agreements after agreements,
That we had never respected.

We tried it all.
When we created facts on the ground.
When Palestinians accepted to live on 22% of their land.
When, in stead, we built settlements on that 22% of the land.
When we claimed Jerusalem exclusively for us.
We tried it all and we tried it first.

What urgency we had to build in their land?
We could build on the 78%,
That Palestinian recognized for us.
They gave us more than they could.
They gave their land for peace.
We took their land and gave them death.

We tried it all.
When we excluded all others,
And kept the biased USA.
When we took US money,
Used US weapons of destruction,
Imposed the US vetoes on the world.
We tried it all, and tried it first.

We tried it all.
When we sent the IDF,
Everywhere, any time to their cities and villages.
And protected the settlers ...
With our IDF when they were burning ...
Entering Villagers houses and farms
When we deprived them from their rights,
To move and travel ...
When we called their rightful resistance:
And our Terrorism:

If Palestinians try now to kill us,
It is just:
Because we did it first,
And we taught them how to do it,
The sophisticated way,
Our way of killing them and killing ourselves.
Israel have been doing it for years,
Murdering Palestinian human rights.

What we did not try yet is the atomic bomb.
Should we use it on them?
Will Sharon ask this from the USA.
What is he willing to try that he did not try yet?

More Israel kills.
More Palestinians will multiply.
More we destroy their rights,
More they become lovers of their rights.
More we murder their activists.
More stronger they become.

Under every olive tree,
We find a Palestinian taking care of a tree.
Beside every destroyed house,
We find a Palestinian rebuilding it anew.
In every street, in every corner ...
A Palestinian resisting, and claiming his rights.

In killing them we build their future.
In killing them we make from them a proud people.
In killing them the world knew who we, Israelis, really are.
In killing them we are destroying ourselves.
Not them.

In giving them back their country,
We can build a future with them, for us.
In respecting their rights,
We can secure our streets and cities.
In bringing back the Palestinian refugees,
We can redeem some of what we tried on them.

The land after all is not Ertz Israel,
It is Ertz Palestine.
The olive trees are theirs,
The fig trees are theirs,
They build every well in Palestine,
They nourished with love ...
Every Holy Stone that made from their land.
A Holy Land.

We need to try to stop all our kinds of killings.
Then we will find our security.
If killing did not help.
Justice for Palestinians will help.

If we have tried the other way,
53 years ago,
We would lived in peace,
We would built with them a future for us.
After all, Israel is an Occupying forces.
And we are treated as such
No Occupying forces in the world,
Could force people to accept them.

We need to stop trying first on them.
We need to try the other way.