The Objective TRUTH
July 10, 2001

I took of the name of the journalist


Thank you for writing back. I appreciate you will to be helped.
I am sure that some of our people will contact you and help you.
I am forwarding your email to some of my lists and friends.

Now about being OBJECTIVE:

1) If you go to the fields and take pictures and send them all over or write a report when you see the Israelis demolishing the Palestinian houses, when they are giving the settlers the right to build anywhere and everywhere and you REPORT about this: you will be OBJECTIVE

2) If you report on what the Settlers are doing to the Palestinian Olive trees and ask why the Setters are there on the Palestinian Land, and what they expect from the Palestinians to do when they see their lands, houses, children jailed by the bypasses roads and you REPORT about this then you are OBJECTIVE

3) When you speak about the UN resolutions, the respect of  International Law, that the Palestinians accepted to recognize Israel on the 78% of Palestine and they are just asking to live in peace in the 22% of their home country ..and if you find that that 22% is not 22% (Clinton-Barak Camp David proposal), because it is filled with settlements ...Sharon has build since he is in office more than 15 new settlements on the 22% of the Palestinian land ... They can build in the 78% what is the urgency to build on our 22% ...If your REPORT on this you are OBJECTIVE.

4) If you speak about the use of tanks, F16, Apachi helicopters, killing activists, children and women, destroying houses and burning land...when the Palestinians by international LAW have the right to resist by all means the Occupying forces of their country. (I am not calling for violence, I am just stating the International law and the UN Charters that give the right to any country under occupation to resist OCCUPATION by all means). If you REPORT on this you are OBJECTIVE.

5) If you just SAY that Palestinians want to make peace with Israel as a STATE and not as an OCCUPATION then you can be objective.

I can go on with many other examples.

I leave to my friends to perhaps respond to you and help you as you requested.

I hope that you and many other will open their eyes to the TRUTH and report the TRUTH and build a better world for the Israelis and the Palestinians. Only objective TRUTH can help us to see how we can build a comprehensive peace and JUSTICE.

Good Luck.

Father Labib Kobti
San Francisco

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Subj: RE: The Power fo the journalists/ we want the TRUTH
Date: 7/10/01 9:21:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From:     (B. D.)

Okay, I'm a journalist and I try very hard to show the truth from both sides. I am beginning to think, with very good reason, that I cannot get OBJECTIVE TRUTH from either side. I'm planning a book on the situation in the Middle East but I don't understand Arabic. If I contact you, can you or an organization in Palestine provide me a guide and translator who can furnish me with exact and objective translations of what people are saying?

Subj:  The Power of the journalists / we want the TRUTH
Date:  7/10/01 12:13:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From:  LabibKobti

Dear Friends:


I asked an important journalist who works on the fields of the GROUND of Palestine and Israel:

1) I do not understand how the journalists of the world working in Israel or Palestine do not tell all the OBJECTIVE truth?
2) How do these journalists work their reports on the issue of what is happening in Palestine and Israel?
3) Why so many of them are biased when they report?

The answer  of my friend was:
1) Israel (very smartly) has build for them a News Information Building where they have all what they need to be in contact with their own countries and agencies.
2) Israel provides them with all what they need to report on.
3) BUT the ISRAELI version:
a) The Journalists do not go to the fields to take pictures or report on the ground of the event.
b) They got from Israel the pictures and the videos.
c) Israel bring to that building speakers to explain every single event and report on what is happening They question these people, video them, work the report on what they hear form them. That is why their report is filled with quotes from the Israeli people...
d) They do have easy way to report then, they get what they want without going far from that building. They do not care for what is true or right. They got their money from their agencies so easily them. They work some hours only and rest all the rest and enjoy themselves.
e) Their reports then will reflect always what Israel wants them to give to the world.

4) Israel invites them to restaurants, to parties, offer them all kind of gifts and awards.

5) France Deux (France 2) is one of the only news agencies who go with us to the fields. They have been the one who reported on Muhammad Al-Durra. They are under a lot of pressure by the Israelis since then and the authority do not give them all the chances they need to go here and there, they stop them a lot.

6) Imagine that one of the CNN was shot by the Israelis and was not able to give the report on how he was shot by the Israelis. When the Palestinians took them to a Palestinian hospital, he was called from US to leave the Palestinian hospital and go to an Israeli one ...

7) Look since Muhammad Al-Durra was killed in front of the whole world cameras, the Israelis said: NEVER AGAIN, So they created this center for the journalists and told them I will do the work for you and get you all what you need. A lot of Children were killed like Muhammad and worse then Muhammad Al-Durra, did you see since then any journalist reporting or giving pictures?

Do you see why the whole world do not know all the TRUTH?
Please tell all your friends about this IMPORTANT TRUTH.

My friends:
Our target should be nowadays the Reporters and the Journalists.

1) We need to challenge them to get us GENUINE PICTURES and not pictures given by agencies ..
2) We need them to go to the fields and report from there LIVE. This is journalism and TRUTHFUL source of information.
3) We need to call on their agencies and tell them to stop to deal with the Israeli office of Information. It is not fair, it is not right. It is not an AUTHENTIC REPORTING.
4) We need to tell them that we cannot believe them any more ..they are lying to us and to the world.

We deserve to know the TRUTH, all the TRUTH and the Truth only will set us all free and help us to bring about peace and justice.

Abouna Labib Kobti