Good and Bad News
June 27, 2001

I have two good news for you and one bad news.

The first good news is that we are a wonderful, great, very well organized Arab and American community, a Model a real model for the cities all over the USA and the world.

1) The last time, JUST TODAY AGAINST THE VISIT OF SHARON, we had a rally we had over 10 to 20 thousand people walking Market Street. We had the mayor of San Francisco and other cities, many senators, congressmen and women with us.

This my good news to you is a VIRTUAL GOOD NEWS. Let me please imagine with you this so called Virtual good news. In reality, we were less then 100 people protesting the visit of Sharon. I agree with my DEAR FRIEND that we thank all of those who come. BUT I FEEL frustrated and unhappy. WE CAN DO MORE and we deserve to be united to do more.

Yes, let me continue with the VIRTUAL GOOD NEWS, please imagine with me for a moment:

2) All the Media was there covering our Rally, the TVs, Radio, News papers all of them. All of them spoke about our rights and your challenges, our dreams and all the TRUTH that is happening on the ground of our home countries: Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and all of them have supported us and condemned all injustices.

3) The Virtual good news is that all our organizations, associations, committees, human rights advocator are well organized and work as one hand all together. They called to stop US aids to Israel, They called to Stop the occupation of Palestine, They called to indict Sharon, they called to stop the sanctions against the people of Iraq ...

4) They have a strategy, a CLEAR PLAN what they want to accomplish for us Arab and Americans in the USA: I mean: All the well being and prosperity in the USA; and all justice, truth and peace for our home countries. They are respected, loved, listened to by all the political, social, economical forces in the country.

5) The groceries, liquor stores, restaurants, and dailies, over 750 are so well organized that they form with our human rights Arab and American organizations one voice supporting our needs to live wonderfully in the USA and standing with our claims for more justice and truth on the issues of home countries. With the well organized Arab and American schools association, and Universities associations who are making us proud all along, they are our right hand in every thing we do.

6) We have a lot of money to create a center here for all of us, with spaces for our children, play grounds, halls, cultural, and heritage center and it is about to be inaugurated in very few days. We are sending a lot of money to support development in our home countries, schools, hospitals and building houses. Our people in Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq are so proud of us, they say: our families in the Bay Area did not forget us, they are helping us to resist against all political forces who WANT TO DESTROY OUR FUTURE AND HERITAGE.

Dear Friends I can continue with my virtual good news. And I think that we are liked it.

NOW THE REAL GOOD NEWS is that we really are good people, wonderful people.

1) We have given a lot to San Francisco and Bay Area. We have done a lot for the well being of the cities that we are serving and you know better.

2) We do not have Arab homeless people sitting in the streets, or Arab Gangs killing her and there or each other.

3) Our Groceries, liquor store, restaurants, daily are very respected and very appreciated, they are generous to people

4) Our children in the schools and young Adults at the universities are of the best. Well educated, the first in class, loved and respected by their teachers and professors.

5) Our Doctors, lawyers, professionals computer scientists are from the best.

6) OUR DIFFERENT ASSOCIATIONS, organizations are doing all their best to support our future in the Bay Area, and support justice, peace and truth in our home countries.

7) Our families are trying to conserve our heritage, traditions, and try to conserve as much as they can our Arabic language.

We are really a wonderful community. We have accomplished a lot.

Now the bad news that should change IMMEDIATELY and that is our mission, the MISSION OF ALL OF US AND IMMEDIATELY:

1) We are not well organized.
If we organize ourselves, we will be a great power for good here in the San Francisco and Bay Area and a model to all other cities in the USA and the World.

2) We do not have any strategy or plans as a community for our families, children, for our young adults, professionals, self-employees or employees....

3) Our different associations, organizations, clubs, Mosques and Churches, God bless them all, are not bring us together, they do not work as the best that they should all together, they do not have a strategy together for us.

4) When the Intifada united all our people in our home countries, it did not yet united us to work one hand, one heart, one body for our future, our future in the USA and the future of our home countries. It brought us to some rallies and then we stopped to form a big group like the first days of the nonviolent Intifada.

5) I do not want to minimize what we have already accomplished we did great things since then, but we can do, we deserve to do, we MUST do better.

IT IS then a MUST.

1) We need to put all our hearts, our minds and our forces together for the best to serve San Francisco and the Bay Area and to serve our home countries. They look to us, they wait the salvation from us.

2) It is a big sin and a crime for our children if we do not organize ourselves for the best.

3) We deserve that because we are wonderful people and because we NEED THAT now and not tomorrow.

I cannot do it alone, you cannot do it alone, we can do it together.
IF WE ARE STRONG IN SAN FRANCISCO AND BAY AREA, we will be strong for our home countries. The Jews are strong here, they can do what ever for Israel, FROM HERE

We do have wonderful leaders from different groups and organizations who have a lot of experience. THEY SHOULD BRING US TOGETHER, AT LEAST ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS to think for a strategy

WE NEED to put all our hands together today and tomorrow and you should continue, and I will help.

Again: I suggest that we do need to meet once every month or two and see what we have accomplished and what we can accomplish.

We deserve to love each other, to work with each other, after all we are all Americans and we love AMERICA and at the same time we have our attachment to our country of origin, we want justice, peace and TRUTH.



Abouna Labib Kobti