A lot of friends wrote to me saying that they liked my IDEAS.

I was so encouraged that I found myself working more ideas ... thanks for the

Do not encourage me too much otherwise I will bring everyday a new idea and
you make me write them (look on the hour on the message, around 2.00 AM. I
need to sleep!! just kidding)

March 30, 2001

I hope that somebody will work MUHAMMAD AL-DURRA T-SHIRTS with the date and

The T-SHIRT is useful for all rallies, demonstrations, conferences, when you
receive and speaker to tell the truth, when you protest a speaker ...
Children can have the T-shirt as well anybody, with Muhammad Al-Durra pins,
flyers, and children of the Intifada history.

This is also our nonviolent INTIFADA.

It will EDUCATE every where on the REAL, tell the TRUTH, and call for JUSTICE.

Abouna Labib Kobti
San Francisco

Other ideas for the T-Shirt

1) Rima Nashashibi:
You can use the back or the front of the T-shirt to include some statistics in general or statistics about how many children died as of a certain date with a blank space (to show a work in progress) so you can write in the current # when you wear it or use a catchy slogan like" children of the world mourn.."

2) George Ghattas:

T-shirts and flyers to commemorate what, the fact that a kid was killed and everybody new and did nothing or as symbol of compassion towards his family or for the cause of Palestinian children.
To remember what happened or to remind ourselves of what is happening now, the many Mohammad's that are silently being killed and cornered to hunger family fragmentation and loss of hope.
UNSCO and UNICEF should adopt such and idea, as UN institutions they should reflect a change in policy, recognizing that Muhamad died that way should help  prevent other chidlren form such an unfortunate end.