AMERICA should say no to Sharon
March 13, 2000

Please do something to say NO TO SHARON in the USA.

See Flyer:
(At least make thousands of the Flyers and distribute them to every car and let them put it on the windows, to malls, businesses, houses...)

To Human Rights Organizations, to people and organizations who work for Peace, Justice and Truth, to people who need to know:

Sharon the Bulldozer of Justice and TRUTH, the man accused of killing innocent women and children is in visit to our Country USA.



1) Because if Sharon's visit to the USA will go smoothly, he will have then the green light of the Administration to continue to oppress the Palestinian People.
2) Because if Sharon will get with it in the USA, he will return with a clean record and continue to oppress the Palestinian people
4) In fact the Zionists have hired important journalists who started to write so as to clean the image of Sharon and show him as an Israeli Father and Hero
4) But if we show the USA Administration what we the US People think of him, Sharon will get the message and the Administration will get also the message
5) This first visit of Sharon as PM to the USA is a very important one, if we do not show as US Citizens what we think about who is REALLY Sharon, then he will have a clean record that will permit him to commit other crimes unnoticed.

1) Let us call for days of mourning for the victims of the War Criminal: Ariel Sharon, during his visit.
2) I suggest that we work DOCUMENTED Flyers (Banners ...) that speak about his crimes, with numbers, dates and quotations. A Flyer that say: USA say NO to a War Criminal: Arial Sharon
3) Flyers should be distributed every where before the visit and during the visit
4) AND MORE IMPORTANT: One hour of MOURNING the victims of Sharon, every day during his visit from 11:00 Am -12:00 noon, where all Gaz stations will not give Gaz, no restaurant will give food, no Mall or shopping, no Taxi will take people, No airplane, No buses, No schools or Universities ...for ONE HOUR Nation wide. BECAUSE WE ARE MOURNING THE VICTIMS OF SHARON. People will have flyers on their hands saying "USA Say NO to Sharon..." Imagine if this will happen.

I am sure that if the HUMAN RIGHTS organizations will work it, as they know better than anybody who REALLY Sharon is. THEN IT WILL HAPPEN.

Sharon is already planing to visit the USA on Sunday 18th "he is due to leave for the US on Sunday, March 18th. The following day, he will address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington. On Tuesday, Sharon will lunch with U.S. President George W. Bush.
In addition, Ha'aretz of March 12, reported that Sharon has meetings scheduled with
U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell,  Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, CIA chief George Tenet, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and the leaders of Congress. On his last day in the United States, Sharon is scheduled to meet in New York with leaders of Jewish organizations and United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

You see why it is URGENT.

More ideas on my previous message of March 12

Dear Friends:

We do not have time to waste.
We need to show that we disapprove the visit. We condemn the man as War Criminal. We stand with our people in Palestine who are under siege in their houses.

I have some suggestions on what we can do before and during the visit of Sharon. (I am sure that some of them you have though about)
I am sure that other may have also many other suggestions.
WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO WASTE, he is coming next Sunday, it seems.


1) We need to work flyers about Sharon with statistics, dates and quotations.

2) Arab-American and American liquor stores, restaurants, Gaz Stations, businesses, Taxis, cars, People on their windows or doors looking on a street should display the Flyers.

3) Arab-American and American liquor stores, restaurants, taxis...should find one hour to stop working and stand out side of their places, Taxis to horn and hold the flyers to show our anger for what Sharon is and our outrage of this visit.

4) Schools, universities should display the flyers, teachers should speak about the suffering of the Palestinians and the War Crimes of Sharon, they are called to stop studies for one hour at least everyday before and during the visit holding the flyers in the university and streets

5) Mosques and Churches should speak to their people about this and distribute the flyers. I call on our Muslim brothers and sisters to say prayers in front of the City halls or the federal Buildings calling on the USA to stand with the TRUTH and MORALITY. Churches and Mosques should stand one minute of prayer for the people killed by Sharon during their prayers.

6) Journalists and columnists should write about Sharon war Crimes and show how USA have stood against war Criminal here and there and should do so toward Israel.

Any other suggestions are welcomed. A one time nationwide should be suggested, flyers should be worked immediately and sent to us by attachment or on Websites.

WE SHOULD NOT WASTE OUR TIME. Please let us show that INJUSTICE, OPPRESSION, WAR CRIMES cannot go unnoticed.

Abouna Labib Kobti
Catholic Priest