The After visit of Sharon to the USA
March 14, 2001

All the Knesset knows the game, every Israeli PM have done it.
They prepare the scenario in Israel.
They decide it in Washington.
They play it in the Middle East.

Before the visit to Washington, during and after the visit they prepare where, how and what.
Before, during or after the visit to Washington  new massacres,  new settlements,  new transfers,  new nominees,  new bombings, in one word a new scenario starts to surface.

And the whole world starts to talk about, to comment on, to accept or refuse.
And Blair  will fly from England  to the USA to support the President in front of the With House.
And the UN will be called to meet ....
But nothing changes until the next trip to Washington of an old or new Israel Prime Minister.

It does not matter, if the PM of Israel is he a Labor or a Likkud; the actors, the scenario, the stage are all the same, "made in Washington."

Sharon is not stupid.

He knows that the whole world looks at him as a butcher and a War Criminal.
He knows that he is was the one who instigated violence here and there.
He knows that he was the one who urged his people to grab all the Hills of Palestine and steal their lands and properties..
He knows he was the one who made the massacre of Qibya as commander of the 101 unit in 1953 and the Sabra and Shatilla in 1982.
He was the one who tortured and killed the Egyptian, Lebanese and Palestinian war prisoners.
He knows that he is the one today who is building a modern CAMP OF CONCENTRATION in all the Occupied Territories.
He knows that he is the creator of a specific Apartheid against Muslim and Christian Palestinians.
He knows that the Palocaust (Palestinian Holocaust) is not made by the Nazi but by the children of some their survivors.
He knows himself very well, as you cannot imagine. He is 73 years old, enough to know what he is doing.

So what?

Begin and Shamir were WANTED Terrorist by the British and became Prime Ministers of Israel and were received by the whole world. When at the same time they have killed innocent people, destroyed Palestinian properties, stole their lands, put children and women in jail without trial.

So what?

Perez have done the massacre of Qana, April 18, 1996, at the UN Compound  between others and has a Noble Price for peace. After the massacre of Qana, Perez was received in great honor by Clinton at the White House. And Washington sees in him the moderate man of Israel. They helped him to get rid of Boutos Ghali, the UN Secretary General as he dared to point the finger on Israel for the massacre of Qana.

When Rabin, the father of the Peace with the Palestinians  have called to break the hands of the Children, have been the responsible of the killing of many and the building of many settlements.

So what?

Netanyahu had exasperated, when he was PM, the USA, Europe including his own people with his arrogance.
He had said that he will put Washington on fire and he did in fact put it on fire right after his visit.
When he is now  considered as the most popular in Israel.
So I (Sharon) can put every city in the USA on fire and will always stay Popular.

So What?

Barak has lied to the Palestinians and to the Americans. Barak has never implemented one signed agreement. He talked to them and promised them until the last week of his last days in the Government and made from the Peace process only a "Process." At the same time he has built more settlements than anybody and killed more Palestinians than anybody. Washington still respects him as the man of peace.

So what?

As long as Israel will have the support of the US Administration and the Congress,
And will have the USA vetoing the the UN Resolutions,
And the Mossad and the CIA are forming one body,
And the media is paid by our friends in the USA,
And the American people are ignorant on what is truly happening in Israel,
And we will be getting the billions of dollars from the American taxes yearly,
And the last American military technology ... and ...
We are in good hand and we can do what ever we want.
Who can speak against us?

Who cares for Europe?
Who cares for the weak, divided and Americanized Arab Countries?
Who care for Russia, China they are in need of food!
Who cares for the Human Rights organizations, they do not have an army!

The visit of Sharon to Washington will decide the future of the region.
It will decide the scenario, the stage, the actors, the when, what and how.
This visit will say it all.

If Sharon will be received with Perez as a a hero and not as a Criminal,
If Sharon will not find anybody to demonstrate and say it all on his face,
If the Congress will applaud to him as they did to Perez, to Netanyahu, to Barak
If the Media will cover up his lies and hide the truth,
If he will be cheered by people, AIPAC included,
If he will be forgiven by the American people,

THEN THE AFTER VISIT: will become a new wave of things "made in Washington" as the other ones in the past and the present and WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT.

Then the after visit will be disastrous to the Palestinian people, to the Arabs and the whole world.
Then the after visit will result on wars, more discriminations and APARTHEID, more massacres.
Then the after visit will give Sharon the green light to do what ever he wants.
Then the after visit will give him the chance to realize his dreams to say to the Palestinian what Hanan Ashrawi has written recently:
"To every man, woman, and child in the Palestinian territories. YOU are my
target; you will be made to suffer; and you shall pay for the original crime
of being a Palestinian-and for being there. Every camp, village, town, and city is hereby declared a prison...)
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The Visit of Sharon is already setting the scenario, the actors are ready.
We are all invited to witness new massacres of a War Criminal.

Abouna Labib Kobti
Catholic Priest,
San Francisco