American Moral Role
on the Israeli-Palestinians Conflict

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The American Moral Role on supporting Israel against the PalestinianRIGHTS
And the continuation of the Palestinian Suffering is a fact:

"Yet it was years-in-years-out American diplomacy and billions in American laons and/or outright grants voted for annually by Americans' representatives in Congress that were sustaining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was American-made bombers, paid for, at least in part, by American taxpayers, that were pulverizing Beirut apartment houses and burying their occupants under the rubble. Rightly or wrongly, willingly or not, every American citizen, simply by his or her citizenship, was and is involved in the conflict...." (America and the founding of Israel:
An Investigation of the Morality of the America's Role* By Father. John W. Mulhall, CSP (Paulist Priest).

This book *America and the founding of Israel: An Investigation of the Morality of the America's Role* that I am, Fr. Labib Kobti of San Francisco, the owner after the death of my dear friend, Fr. John W. Mulhall, will give you all the needed EDUCATION to know all about the American Moral and Physical RESPONSABILITY on the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
We were preparing the second (the continuation) edition of the book when my friend left this life.

In MEMORY of my friend Father John W Mullhall and the PAULIST FATHERS who stood for justice, peace and truth, I come to publish on the internet what could be an important work for all Americans.

I invite all our friends to support our work and EDUCATE the American Public Opinion.
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