Activities of the AACC / San Francisco


850 Judah, San Francisco, CA 94122

(415)564-3211 Fax (415)665-1603


- Arabic Mass every Sunday at 1.30 P.M

- After mass people meet at the Hall to socialize, speak about thier experience of Faith

Legion of Mary:

- Meet twice a month on Tuedays evening. Call Church. Call Nelly Salem at 650-997-0138

- The legion of Mary is composed of women from different Arab countries: Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Soudan and Kuwait

Bible Study

- EveryMonday from 7.00-8.00 P.M at Dr. George Khoury House: 435 Cunningham Way, San Bruno, CA 94066 Tel (650) 467-3846

- The priest is making also different Bible Studies at homes in different location is Norht CA: SanJose, Fairfield, Santa Rosa ...for more information and to invite the priest please call (415)564-3211

- A daily Bible study by email. You can subscribe to it going to:

Youth Group

Meets twice a week. It has different activities.
Call Irma Massis: 650-992-1084
Or Naila Nimri: 650-873-1907

Sunday School:
Children meet with Rita Zawaydeh (650-794-0423)  during mass as part of CCD

Family Club

After Sunday mass, families meet to socialize, speak about their experience of Faith and participate on different activities like:Conferences, Prayer groups, Choir, Dabkeh,Wheel of Fortune, Basket Ball, Softball, fiestas and parties, trips and picnics

Parish Council

Meets every last Tuesday of the month at 8.00 PM to study the different needs of the AACC. It is divided into different Committes: Liturgy, Financial, Activity, Family, and Youth

Visit of Families

- The priest visits families to bless houses or when somebody is sick when he is called and by appointment, please call the priest at (415)564-3211

Visit of sick

- The parishionners are requested to call the priest and tell him about thier sick people to have the priest make a visit to hospitals or houses. (415)564-3211


Baptisms, Weddings, Holy Onction and Funerals. Please call the priest at (415)564-3211

Baptisms: Parents are called to tell the priest one month at least before the date of Baptism and attend classes

Weddings: Parents are called to tell the priest six months before the scheduled wedding

To know more about the AACC and its occasional Activities, please visit and subscribe to the Church automated mailing list