Posts made in November, 2019

Advent Reflection: Meet CPT Reservist Weldon Nisly

Posted on Nov 30, 2019

Christian Peacemaker Teams wish to celebrate this Advent season by sharing the reflections and experiences of CPTers who carry out the work of transforming oppression.

Week to week, we will introduce you to a CPT Reservist who will share their story through the symbols of each Advent candle in honor of the season and invite you to take action to support transforming oppression.

In preparation for the first Sunday of Advent, we begin with the theme of Hope.

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Israeli settlers target Christian Palestinians in West Bank town

Posted on Nov 30, 2019

Settlers’ attacks on Palestinian properties have been on the rise, with 36 in October alone. 

Image: 'Today they burned the vehicle, but my fear is that tomorrow they might burn my house,' Rollin Basir told MEE (MEE/Shatha Hammad)

‘Today they burned the vehicle, but my fear is that tomorrow they might burn my house,’ Rollin Basir told MEE (MEE/Shatha Hammad)

(MEE/Shatha Hammad)By Shatha Hammad in Ramallah, Occupied West Bank
Published date: 29 November 2019 17:36 UTC

The Basir family woke up in the early hours of Friday morning to the sound of their neighbours shouting – there had been an attack on their home in the Palestinian village of Taybeh.

A group of Israeli settlers had left hostile writing on the walls and had burned the family’s car. But the attackers were nowhere to be be seen when Rollin Basir opened his front door at 2am and saw that his car was on fire. It burned until 6am.

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Samia Khoury and Gideon Levy on Israel’s Right to Defend Itself

Posted on Nov 30, 2019

Samia Khoury writes from East Jerusalem:

I just hope the following article by Gideon Levy is a wake up call to the Israeli army to start with, and to all those who support and feel very strongly that Israel has the right to defend itself. This is not new to “the most moral army” in “the only democratic state” in the region. Indeed, every country that has set borders and is not occupying other people’s land and dispossessing them daily has the right to defend itself. Will Israel pass the test?

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Webinar on Middle East racism: “Never lose hope”

Posted on Nov 29, 2019

A World Council of Churches webinar held on 25 November with the theme “Racism, Xenophobia and discrimination in the Middle-East Context” drew enthusiastic participants from the broader region inhabited by 411 million people.

Joyce Michel Geha, an attorney registered with the Beirut bar association since 2000, spoke on protecting the migrant worker in Lebanon. “In the past, Arab women used to be sent from rural areas to work in families as domestic workers. Their father or brother would come every year to visit them, to ensure their protection. The employer had the honour to receive them inside their house. This is not the case any more,”  she said.

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Catholic Ordinaries condemn recent vandalism in Palestinian village of Taybeh

Posted on Nov 29, 2019

Jerusalem, November 29, 2019

Recent racist acts of vandalism

We have just learned of a new act of racist vandalism that was committed at the Palestinian village of Taybeh, east of Ramallah, where Hebrew-graffiti was sprayed on a wall and a car was torched.

Yesterday, tens of cars were damaged and anti-Arab graffiti, written in Hebrew, were found at the Arab town of Jaljulia (central Israel).

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Wandering Assembly

Posted on Nov 28, 2019

Wandering assembly – Israelis and Palestinians negotiate around the country – Today (Fri.) Church of Saint John the Baptist, Ein Karem, Jerusalem / היום שישי – אסיפה עממית נודדת – ישראלים ופלסטינים מנהלים מו”מ ברחבי הארץ כנסיית יוחנן בהרים, עין כרם, ירושלים

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U.S. support for Israeli settlements could doom a Palestinian state

Posted on Nov 27, 2019

by Drew Christiansen, S.J.

November 27, 2019

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement on Nov. 10 that the United States no longer regards Israeli settlements on the West Bank as illegal is but one in a string of decisions where the administration has abandoned commitments to vulnerable populations. Under Pope John Paul II, the church took a preferential option for the poor and the oppressed. Under President Trump, the U.S. government appears to follow a preferential option for the powerful and those doing the oppressing.

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Christian Peacemaker Teams: Occupied Palestine Gathers Its Olives

Posted on Nov 26, 2019

It’s autumn in Palestine. The olive trees – some of them centuries old – stand ready to provide their Palestinian farmers and families another season’s worth of their precious crop. Precious in at least three ways:

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Maryknoll: Urge Your Representative to Promote Palestinian Children’s Rights

Posted on Nov 25, 2019

Image: Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns

In recent years, international organizations have spoken out against the treatment of Palestinian children by the Israeli military, and particularly their use of military detention for children. U.S. Representative Betty McCollum has introduced legislation, H.R. 2407, that would promote Palestinian children’s rights and prohibit U.S. taxpayer funding for military aid to Israel that contributes to their ill-treatment.

Take Action: Urge your representative to support this legislation today.

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Book: Introduction to Judaism for Christian Arabs by Fr. David Neuhaus

Posted on Nov 25, 2019

JERUSALEM – In July 2019, Fr. David Neuhaus released a new book, in Arabic, entitled Judaism evolved among us: an introduction to Judaism for Christian Arabs, in which, as the title describes, he gives an overview of Judaism and the Jewish people to help deepen the knowledge of Arabs in general, especially Christian Arabs, about this religion.

The book, which was published by Dar al-Machreq in Beirut, is divided into four parts. While the first and second parts give an overview of the size and distribution of the Jewish people around the world, their identity, and history from Biblical until modern times, the third part gives a description of Jewish belief and practice that include sacred and religious writings, religious life, duties and responsibilities and the waiting for the Messiah.

The last part of the book deals with Judaism in the modern period. This part includes a discussion of the denominational and cultural diversity of the Jewish people, the development of Zionism and life in both the State of Israel and the Diaspora.

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