Annexation is happening, and Congress wants us to pay for it

Posted on Jun 14, 2020

Jewish Voice for Peace: Across the country, Black Americans are leading an uprising and forcing the nation to fundamentally reckon with itself.

In every state, every city, and countless small towns, protestors are building on decades of work by Black organizers and demanding a profound change: taking the $115 billion dollars we spend every year on violent, racist, militarized policing, and instead investing in Black communities in the form of healthcare, social services, public infrastructure, and education.

As we at JVP Action learn how to best support this transformative struggle for justice, we are also asking why our nation funds not only violence in the U.S. but also violence abroad – including Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

We are weeks away from the possibility of Israel annexing one third of the West Bank – and Congress is working to push through a bill that would allow the U.S. to send the Israeli military even more money.  

We can’t keep funding this violence. Tell Congress to take concrete action to oppose annexation now.

Annexation means brutal family upheaval, forced evictions, and an unprecedented level of state-sanctioned settler violence against Palestinians. Annexation means Israel’s long-standing apartheid system becomes officially formalized. And Congress wants to write even bigger checks.

Last month, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee moved forward S. 3176, a bill that reads like a wishlist for the Israeli government. It couldn’t be more clear: Congress plans to do nothing to stop Israel from annexing the West Bank. Instead, it will actually find new ways to reward Israel for its war crimes.

But this is not a done deal. This bill isn’t passed yet and we can fight back.

For years, we’ve heard empty rhetoric from Democrats who say that annexation would be a red line. Yet here we are, and the failure of Congress to hold Israel accountable is overwhelming.

Congress holds the purse strings, and it’s time for us to take control so that we can fund  healthcare, education, and safety for our communities, not racist policing in the U.S. and oppressive militaries abroad.

Tell Congress it’s time to end U.S. funding to the Israeli military.

So much demands our attention and action right now. Israel is openly bragging that it will begin annexation as early as July 1st. It’s right around the corner. Now is the time to speak out.

Join us,