Monsignor Labib Kobti




The Judas Effect


He chose him, he loved him, he helped him, he made from him an apostle, he trusted him with the money, he washed his feet. He taught him to love, to be good, to be perfect, to be a good example. But Judas betrayed him. He sold him to his enemies for money. He betrayed him with a kiss. The symbol of love became a way to turn one’s back to what is great in the human heart. This is so bad.

 This Judas effect is spread all over. You can find good teachers and bad ones at school. You can find good doctors and nurses and bad ones at a hospital. You can find good parents and bad ones in a family. You can find good priests, good bishops, and bad ones in a church.

Today this Judas effect is touching the Catholic Church. We read every day about the many Judases here and there. It can get worse in days, weeks, and months. We feel so disoriented, so confused, and so hurt. It is the Judas effect in our human nature.

I as, as Catholic priest feel that I want to kneel and pray. Only in kneeling and recognizing the Judas effect in my Church can I start to purify my intentions, my heart, and my life and build the future of the Church. Humbly kneeling in front of God and the people and confessing that the Catholic Church must rediscover the truth of the Resurrection and the need to be washed again by the blood of Christ—that is what is required. I give thanks for these moments in which I need to kneel. These moments are important for the Church to humble itself and recognize that it is the Church of real sinners. Kneeling and confession will help me to know my dimension as a sinner.

As I kneel and pray with my parishioners, I recognize also that I am the Church of the saints. These past years I saw Mother Theresa, Father Damian of Molokai , and many other great people from the same Church of the sinners. I recognize my human condition and see that others are also, like me, touched by the Judas effect.

As I kneel, I pray with my parishioners that we keep our faith strong in the Lord and not in humans and ask God to help us to sanctify ourselves and purify our intentions at the service of humanity. I pray that our people will be spared the Judas effect.



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    Last update: April 19, 2010