The Miracle of the Holy Fire Arrived in Taybeh

Posted on Apr 15, 2017


(Photo courtesy of Maria Khoury)

Dr. Maria Khoury writes:

The Miracle of the Holy Fire arrived in Taybeh from the Holy City of Jerusalem (via Ramallah) with our cousin Ibrahim and his son Philip approximately at 5:30 pm in the afternoon on this Great and Holy Saturday!

A most glorious ecumenical celebration and scouts parade led to placing the flame on the altar of Saint George Greek Orthodox Church for the Holy Resurrection service.

From the very land of Christ’s Holy Resurrection we wish all of our friends a blessed Holy Pascha!

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!


Taybeh priests Fr Daoud, Fr Jack, and Fr. Johny walking in a solemn procession in the street of the village (Photo courtesy of Maria Khoury)

We are sure that worldwide, many prayers and deep thoughts are with the families in Egypt following the tragic attack on Holy Palm Sunday. May our Lord have mercy. May our world be guided by the True Light of Christ especially celebrated today here in the Holy Land.