The Catholic Scouting Movement in Jordan
Fr. Imad Twal/ National Chaplain
The Jordan scouting movement was established in 1924 as a response to Baden
Powel’s message to improve the conditions of life of the youth and achieve our
Lord’s will on earth. This movement hopes to develop the good will and
co-operation with others and help the young to do constructive works in their

To achieve these objectives, all arrangements have been made. It is obvious
that, building one’s personality and utilizing his/her abilities is the key to
development and progress.

 The scouts movement started in the Catholic churches and schools in there
parishes but there was a lack of understanding of the Christian message which
was instilled by father Jacques Sevin who said “the Scout’s law is sacred and
the holy bible its perfume. The Scout’s law is our Lord Jesus’ law”. But as the
years went by the Church found out that this movement went astray. So the
General committee of the catholic Scouts was formed in 1983 under the
supervision of a National Chaplain. The function of this committee is to achieve
perfect Christian faith and complete understanding of scouting.
 Therefore we would like to put the following points hoping to revive the real
meaning of scouting and its splendid image that Baden Powel and father Jacques
Sevin wanted.

Challenges: Changing Community changing scouting
We have a challenge ahead of us…
"The hand that gives gathers" (English proverb)

 1. Christian minority. 3% of population
 2. Free-Living nowadays.
 3. Keeping away from God, religion and church.
 4. Family dispersion.
 5. The marginal role of our Scouting compared with the international catholic
 6. The isolation of our Scouting movement from the society and church.
…It is obvious that our Catholic Scouting moves slowly and unsteadily; on the
other hand, the Scouts in our churches and monasteries don’t get the necessary
support or the spiritual care to carry out their roles.
The Scout’s program is focussed on playing music, organizing festivals and other
civil activities without taking into consideration the educational and spiritual
development of its members
 7. Lack of trained scouts leaders.
 8. Lack of resource materials on Scouting.

Therefore, I would like to introduce some practical suggestions, which may
improve Scouting in our Parish side by side with our Churchs teaching and morals
so as to enter the new century with steady steps and a new Christian spirit to
build the Church of Christ.

A- Scouting is a non-formal educational and spiritual process.
B-   The Scouts should take part in the spiritual and educational duties of our
C- the Young priests should be encouraged to participate in scouting activities
and join the scouts in camps, trips, and voluntary works to build friendships
and trust which can improve the spiritual life of its members.
D-    Lay leaders can help in the Renewal of self-confidence among the scouts
through living with them. This helps them be close to God and other people.
E-  Holding training courses for supervisors and giving them lectures on the
Christian scouting bases.
F-  Issuing a magazine on the catholic scouting with regard to spiritual and
educational programs.

Finally we would like to encourage all leaders and members of our movement to
change their way and thinking for a better Scouting spirit. It is important for
everyone to understand that Scouting is a spirit and life so we should work hard
to achieve progress and prosperity.

“If all the ways are dark, our lord is alive and he lightens our daily life.’’

 Statistics: The catholic scouts groups in Jordan
  Name of Group Scouts and Guides Number
Marka Scouts and Guides 200

AL-Musdar Scouts 170

AL-Lweibdeh Scouts and Guides 150

Mar Joseph  Scouts and Guides 70

AL-Fuheis Scouts and Guides 200

Zarqa Scouts and Guides 150

Ma’daba Scouts and Guides 150

AL-Jbeiha Scouts and Guides 120